Technology Services


A scanner is available at the front desk and is free of charge. Pdf scans are emailed to the email address specified.


Black & white and color printing are available. Black and white copies cost $0.07 per page. Color copies cost $0.25 per page. Payments must be made using Tiger Card only.

Computer and Wireless Access

Computers and wireless access are available through LSU PAWS login.

Media:scapes Collaborative Workstations

Media:scapes are available in two of the conference rooms. Media:scapes allow multiple laptops, tablets, and smart phone devices to be simultaneously connected to a large screen monitor. Group members can take turns sharing documents, images, video, or websites on the large screen from personal devices.

Projectors / Glassboards

Short-throw projectors and projection glassboards are available in two of the conference rooms. The projectors give short throw capability which allows images to be projected from a short distance. The projection glassboards are a high-definition glass writing surface that can be used with the projectors.


Headphones may be checked out at the Library’s Circulation Desk and used in the Library only.