Hospital Support

A variety of opportunities are available to support the Veterinary Teaching Hospital. From equipment needs to program enhancements, your gift can help us educate future veterinarians and provide the finest in patient care.

Companion Animal Health and Research

Your contribution to the Companion Animal Health and Research Fund will help generate the knowledge needed to eliminate, prevent, or control serious disorders which threaten the lives of our pets. It will help to improve facilities and equipment that provide the best of care for companion animals, and it will help train future veterinarians in the most up-to-date methods of companion animal care.

Pet memorial donations, either from individuals or from veterinarians in memory of their clients' pets, are used to the Companion Animal Fund. Veterinarians may use the Veterinarian Multiple Gift Form for this purpose. 

Cancer Treatment Unit

Your contribution to the Veterinary Cancer Unit Fund supports the Cancer Treatment Unit, which opened in January 2003 with the installation of the linear accelerator to provide radiation therapy to cancer patients. Also included in the Unit are a chemotherapy suite and a radioactive iodine room. The CT scan came on-line in October 2003 to support the diagnosis and treatment of cancer patients. Your gift to the Cancer Treatment Unit will support the finest veterinary cancer facility in the South.

Equine Health and Research

A gift to the Equine Health Studies Program supports teaching, research and service in equine studies at the School of Veterinary Medicine. The EHSP is the region's premier equine biomedical center providing the state-of-the-art research of equine diseases, the latest instruction of students and veterinarians, and enhanced continuing education of the horse-owning public and private equine practitioners. With your support the EHSP can provide better diagnostic and therapeutic capabilities to critically ill and injured horses and better clinical service to horsemen in Louisiana and the surrounding region.

Veterinary Clinical Science Research Fund

Your donation can be used to support the research of veterinary clinicians and scientists in various specialties of clinical internal medicine and surgery, including anesthesiology, cardiology, clinical pathology, dermatology, oncology, ophthalmology, radiology, reproduction, and zoological medicine.

Wildlife Health and Preservation

Your gift can support the operations of the Wildlife Hospital of Louisiana, which cares for more than 1,600 wild mammals, birds, and reptiles annually, with an anticipated 15% increase in case load each year. The Wildlife Hospital of Louisiana is supported solely through private contributions without state or university financial assistance. The average cost to rehabilitate an injured wildlife patient is $50. No fee is charged to receive these animals; therefore, your contribution enables us to provide the best treatment of the wildlife in our care.