Event Policies


When planning an event to be held at the LSU SVM, please adhere to the following:



Check the LSU SVM master calendar at www.lsu.edu/vetmed/events to make sure that no other events are scheduled for the date and time you want for your event. You can also contact Celia Ordoyne, Outreach Coordinator, at cordoy3@lsu.edu.

Reserve your room by going to http://www.lsu.edu/vetmed/employee_resources/room_scheduler.php. You can also get to the room scheduler by going to www.lsu.edu/vetmed and then Resources at the top. There is a Room Scheduler link on both the Employee and Student Resources pages.

Send event information to Celia Ordoyne (cordoy3@lsu.edu) to add to the SVM calendar (e.g., name of event, date, time, location, etc.).

If you would like the event added to the LSU calendar, please let Celia.

Student groups planning events should clear them with Student Affairs.

If you would like the dean or other LSU/LSU SVM VIPs to attend and/or participate in the event (e.g., give out an award, speak, make a presentation), get that confirmation from the appropriate office before proceeding with invitations.

Continuing Education

If you are offering CE for official credit from the Louisiana Board of Veterinary Medicine, please contact Dr. Kirk Ryan at kryan@lsu.edu.


If you want an invitation sent out, please go to http://svmmarketinghd.lsu.eduand complete a Communications Help Desk Ticket. Include event details and who should be invited (e.g., faculty, staff, DVM students, House Officers, graduate students, post-docs, LSU VIPs, alumni, RDVMs, retired SVM faculty and staff, donors, friends of the SVM, general public). You can also email vetmedpr@lsu.edu, and this will create a work ticket.

Security Must be Notified

Please let security personnel know about all events by contacting Lt. LaShawn Lewis at ldmoore@lsu.edu or 8-9811.


If your event includes alcohol, you’ll need to complete the proper paperwork. Lt. Lewis can help with this as well. Some events with alcohol require additional security that must be reserved at least three weeks in advance.


If your event is being sponsored by a corporation, individual, foundation or other organization, please contact Tracy Evans, Senior Director of Development, at tracy@lsu.edu.

Room Set-Up, Computers and Projectors

If your event will require special room set-up or additional tables, chairs or janitorial efforts, please contact Bonnie Brocato at bonnieb@lsu.edu.


If your event requires the use of the computer or projector in one of our classrooms or meeting rooms, please go to https://helpdesk.vetmed.lsu.edu/helpdesk to complete an IT Help Desk Ticket so they can make sure everything is working properly.


If a guest or speaker needs LSU wifi access, go to https://netguest.lsu.edu.

Front Lawn

Tents or other objects (e.g., slides, bounce houses, etc.) that require utility must be approved by Bonnie Brocato in Facility Services. Contact her at bonnieb@lsu.edu.


Guests coming for events must never park in the Veterinary Teaching Hospital parking lot.


Parking for guests during normal parking tag hours (8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.) is allowed in the lot across the street, but visitor parking tags are required and can be obtained from the Office of Parking & Transportation (there is an exception made for graduation). Please contact Lt. LaShawn Lewis at ldmoore@lsu.edu or 8-9811 if you have questions or need help making special parking arrangements.