Scoring Breakdown

    Objective Components:
       Required Course GPA............29 pts
       Last 45 Credit Hour GPA.......18 pts
       GRE Score...............................13 pts 

    Holistic Components:
       Folder Review.......................20 pts
       Interview Score.....................10 pts
       Admissions Committee.........10 pts

    Please note:

    • Not all applicants are interviewed. Interviews are not guaranteed to be conducted annually.
    • Committee has 10 discretionary points.


    Applicant Selection Procedure

    Admission to the School of Veterinary Medicine (SVM) is granted only for the fall semester of each school year and only on a full-time basis. A prescribed number of student spaces is planned for each class, and the formal application material with all supporting credentials is required of each applicant.

    The Admissions Committee is responsible for determining the application procedure and for selecting the entering class in the professional curriculum. All pre-professional requirements must be completed by the end of the spring semester before fall matriculation in the LSU SVM. All VMCAS applications, including all official undergraduate/graduate transcripts from every institution attended, the SVM-specific sections, GRE scores and letters of recommendation must be submitted no later than September 15, 2021 at 12:00 MIDNIGHT (Eastern Time) for possible matriculation into the fall '22 semester. Applications must be submitted through the Veterinary Medical Colleges Application Service (VMCAS). Please visit the application instructions for more details on the application process.

    Students admitted and enrolled in the school must be capable of satisfactorily meeting all requirements of the curriculum in veterinary medicine. If the Admissions Committee chooses to conduct interviews, eligible candidates are selected to be interviewed. If conducted, interviews will contribute to the selected candidates' overall score.

    Academic and non-academic qualifications are considered in the selection process. Selection for admission is based on the sum of the objective and subjective scores. The exact combination of each component to the total score may vary slightly from year to year and is determined by the admissions committee and the dean.

    Objective Evaluation - 65%

    The objective evaluation is based on scholastic achievement and standardized test scores. All official transcripts of college course grades are examined to determine scholastic achievement. The total objective score is derived from:

    Subjective Evaluation - 35%

    The subjective evaluation of applicants is based on non-academic qualifications considered relevant to the determination of the applicant's prospective performance in the veterinary medical curriculum and in the practice of veterinary medicine. Motivation, maturity, attitude, interest, and other characteristics will be evaluated for all qualified candidates, along with work experience, familiarity with animals, and reference information submitted in support of the application. These qualities are evaluated by two separate panels acting under the authority of the Admissions Committee. The first panel reviews the supporting documents (autobiography, letters of recommendation, transcripts, work experience, and familiarity with animals). The second panel evaluates the individual through a personal interview, if the Admissions Committee chooses to invite candidates to interview. These appraisals result in an average subjective score which is added to the objective score to produce the total numerical evaluation of the candidate. Through this process, the professional judgment of several faculty members is included in arriving at a final decision of recommended students for the new incoming class. The total subjective score is derived from:

    • Folder Reviews - (15%)
    • Interviews - (10% if conducted. The Admissions Committee decides annually whether or not to conduct interviews.) 
    • Admissions Committee Holistic Assessment - (10%)

    All Louisiana and Arkansas residents' application folders are subjectively reviewed; however, only the Top Out of State applicants will move on to the subjective review have their folders evaluated. The Out of State Top Applicant List is determined based off of an overall score calculated from the objective components above (the Required Courses GPA, Last 45 Credit Hour GPA and GRE score).

    Final Evaluation/Selection

    The final decision rests with the Dean of the LSU School of Veterinary Medicine. The Admissions Committee makes its recommendation to the Dean who then finalizes the offers of admission. In so doing, the Dean consults a series of reports to summarily screen and approve the candidates recommended for admission and to identify additional holistically strong candidates that should also be offered admission. These reports include information on applicants’ grade point averages, test scores, experiences, overall admissions scores, and other factors highlighted in the application for admission.