SVM Scholarships and Awards

Student Loan Funds(directly through FAFSA -

Students interested in the following two loan programs may obtain information and applications from the LSU Office of Undergraduate Admissions and Student Aid.

Scholarships Administered by LSU SVM

The scholarships and awards listed here are awarded on the basis of academic achievement, financial need, character, and citizenship. Normally, scholarship stipends are paid one-half during the fall semester and one-half during the spring semester. Students are given an opportunity to apply for scholarships in the fall semester. Awards are announced in the spring.

Important Notice - You must be officially accepted into the DVM program before you can apply to any of the scholarships administered by the LSU SVM. The SVM scholarships listed below are NOT available to first year DVM students - only second-, third- and fourth-year DVM students. First-year DVM students cannot apply for any of these scholarships. 


Students interested in the scholarships below may obtain information and applications directly from the LSU SVM Office of Veterinary Education and Student Affairs. Contact Stephanie Johnson for more information at (225) 578-9537.


* Y. Z. Abdelbaki Memorial Scholarship • Awarded to a first-year veterinary student who has excelled in anatomy courses.


Arkansas Veterinary Medical Foundation Scholarship • Awarded to Arkansas residents.


Auxiliary to the LSU Student Chapter of the American Veterinary Medical Association Scholarship • Presented by the SCAVMA Auxiliary.


Auxiliary to the LSU Student Chapter of the American Veterinary Medical Association Married Students Award • Presented to married students in Years I–III who are active in SCAVMA.


* Brenda and William Banks Memorial Scholarship • Presented to a nontraditional female veterinary medical student who is completing Year I.


M. Darnell Besch Scholarship • Presented to deserving Year III students who have financial need, are active in SCAVMA, and present a positive attitude toward veterinary medicine.


* Baton Rouge Kennel Club, Inc. Scholarship • Presented to a Louisiana resident who has demonstrated a special interest in small animal medicine.


* Baton Rouge SPCA Scholarship • Presented to a Louisiana high school graduate currently enrolled in Years I–III in veterinary medicine.


* Bayou Kennel Club, Inc., Scholarship • Awarded to northeast Louisiana student in veterinary medicine.


* Calcasieu Kennel Club Scholarship • Available to one student in veterinary medicine who is resident of Old Imperial Calcasieu Parish.


* Sherri Ellen Cole Memorial Award • Awarded to veterinary medicine students to purchase books and supplies.


The Robert M. Hammatt Award for Proficiency in Food Animal Medicine • Awarded to student in Years I–III, based on scholarship, a strong interest in practicing food animal/mixed animal medicine, character, and love of the profession.


* Hill’s Pet Nutrition Service Scholarship • Presented to students in Years I–III, based on leadership, character, and contributions to the School of Veterinary Medicine.


LSU School of Veterinary Medicine Equine Health Studies Program Scholarship • Presented to an active member of the student chapter of the American Association of Equine Practitioners in Years I–III who has demonstrated an interest in equine medicine.


* Perry B. Lecates, Sr., Memorial Scholarship • Presented to veterinary medical students in Years I–III who have a special interest in farm animal medicine.


LSU SCAVMA Bookstore Scholarship • Awarded to a veterinary student entering Years II–IV.


LVMA/AAEP Foundation Scholarship • Presented to Year III student who has demonstrated outstanding academic ability and commitment to the AAEP and the pursuit of equine practice.


* Louisiana Veterinary Medical Association Outstanding Student Award • Presented to veterinary medical student in Years II, III, and IV.


* Lorio Children Memorial Scholarship • Presented to students in veterinary medicine who are Louisiana high school graduates.


Pfizer Animal Health Veterinary Scholarship • Presented to student in Year III of the professional curriculum.


* The Henry Chester Propes and Mary Wood Propes Memorial Scholarship • Presented to a student with an interest in companion animal medicine; based on scholarship, leadership, and citizenship.


Nestlé Purina Award for Excellence in Companion Animal Nutrition • Presented to Year III student, based on academic achievements, collegiality, a strong interest in nutrition and physiology, and financial need.


* John D. Rhoades Leadership Scholarship • Presented to Year III student who has expressed concern and compassion, professionalism, and citizenship and is an active leader of the student body.


* Salsbury Scholarship • Awarded to third-year student, based on ability, initiative, perseverance, leadership, and financial need.


Changaram Kumarath Sankunny Memorial Award in Veterinary Pharmacology • Presented to a student in Year II with a special interest in research who excels in pharmacology.


* Schering-Plough Animal Health, Inc., Scholarship • Awarded to Year II student, based on high academic standing and financial need.


* Margaret Lucille Thomas Taylor Memorial Scholarship • Awarded to student entering Years II, III, or IV; based on scholarship, financial need, and participation in activities that develop responsibility, leadership, citizenship, and professionalism.


Awards marked with asterisks (*) are funded through the LSU Foundation.