Academic and Events Calendar

Fall 2019 

August 5 Block 4 begins Veterinary Teaching Hospital
August 7 Fee Bills Due on myLSU  
August 14-21 First Year Orientation  
August 15 Family Orientation SVM Auditorium
August 15 Blue Coat Ceremony LSU Union Theater
August 16 Freshman Leadership Experience (FLE)  
August 19 Semester Begins  
September 2 Labor Day Holiday  
September 3 Block 5 begins  Veterinary Teaching Hospital
September 30 Block 6 begins  Veterinary Teaching Hospital
October 17-18 Fall Holiday for Years I, II and III  
October 28 Block 7 begins Veterinary Teaching Hospital
October 30 Dean's Grand Rounds SVM Auditorium
November 18 - December 14 Fall NAVLE window  
November 28-29 Thanksgiving Holiday  
December 2 - December 13 Problem-based Learning for Year II  
November 27 Dean's Grand Rounds SVM Auditorium
December 2 Block 8 begins (6-week block) Veterinary Teaching Hospital
December 13 Semester ends  
December 17 Final day for grades to Student Affairs  
December 21 - January 1 Christmas and New Year's Holidays  


Spring 2020

January 6 Spring Semester begins for Phase I  
January 6-20 Problem-based Learning for Year I  
January 13 Block 9 begins Veterinary Teaching Hospital
January 20 Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday  
January 25 Open House LSU School of Vet. Med.
February 3 (tentative) USDA Accreditation Seminar SVM Auditorium
January 29 Dean's Grand Rounds SVM Auditorium
February 3 White Coat Ceremony LSU Royal Cotillion Ballroom 
February 2-3 Phase 2 Orientation  3rd Year Classroom
February 4  Phase 1 ends for Year III  
February 10 Phase 2 starts; Block 10 Veterinary Teaching Hospital
February 12 Phi Zeta Research Emphasis Day  
February 24-25 Mardi Gras Holiday, Years I and II  
March 14-16 SAVMA Symposium Cornell University
March 23-27 Spring Break  
April 1 Dean's Grand Rounds SVM Auditorium
April 6 Block 12 Begins  Veterinary Teaching Hospital
April 10 Good Friday Holiday  
April 13-25 Spring NAVLE Window  
May 1 (tentative) Awards and Honors Banquet  
May 7 Final day for grades for Year IV  
May 8 Semester ends for Years I and II; last day for Year IV  
May 11 Block 1 begins Veterinary Teaching Hospital
May 11 Commencement for the SVM Class of 2020  LSU Union Theater