IACUC Frequently Asked Questions


If you need additional assistance, please contact the IACUC Manager at 225-578-9643 or send an email to IACUC@lsu.edu.


How often does the IACUC meet?

The committee is scheduled to meet monthly on the second Tuesday of each month. 


What is the deadline for submitting an IACUC protocol for review by the committee?

A protocol application can be submitted anytime during the month but must be received by the first Monday of the month by 5:00 p.m. for consideration in the upcoming IACUC meeting.  Protocols reviewed after this deadline are likely not to be reviewed until the following meeting. 


How soon after the meeting can I expect to hear back from the IACUC?

The IACUC Manager will follow-up within 2-5 business days following the meeting.  Correspondence will be sent via email and no work may begin on a project until an approval memo has been issued and all personnel have completed the appropriate training.


What type of animal activities require an IACUC review and approval?

If vertebrate animals are being used in a University activity, an application must be submitted to the IACUC committee for review and approval. 

University activities involving the use of vertebrate animals at other institutions must receive IACUC approvals by both the cooperating institution and Louisiana State University.


Who can be a Principal Investigator on an IACUC Application?

Only full time faculty are allowed to serve as Principal Investigators for research activities.


Where can I find the IACUC Protocol Application?

An approved IACUC Protocol form is available on the DLAM website in MS Word at the link https://www.lsu.edu/vetmed/dlam/iacuc/iacuc_resources.php.  Additional IACUC forms and resources can also be found on the DLAM website.


How do I submit an IACUC Protocol Application?

The completed IACUC Protocol MS Word file should be emailed to IACUC@lsu.edu. 


Do I need an IACUC approval for field studies or behavioral studies?

Yes, any University activity involving the use of vertebrate animals require IACUC approval. 

Field research investigators must fill out and turn in a “Field Research Safety Plan”.  This document must be submitted to the IACUC along with their animal care and use proposal. 


What are the training requirements in order to conduct animal research?

All persons working on an LSU Animal Use Protocol, as well as the principal investigator, must take and pass the online class “Working with the IACUC at LSU (2018)” prior to protocol approval.  A completion certificate date should be noted on the protocol application and training must be renewed every three (3) years. 

In addition, hands on training is required to demonstrate proficiency in general animal handling.  Prior to commencement of the project, personnel to perform procedures on live animals will schedule a wet lab with the DLAM Chief Clinical Veterinarian.  Principal Investigators may request exemption from wet lab training based on previous training and experience.  Investigators requesting an exemption should submit in writing a signed request for exemption describing in narrative format the training and experience of persons to be exempted.  Request should be emailed to IACUC@lsu.edu.  All exemption request will be reviewed and a recommendation will be made to the IACUC by the Attending Veterinarian.


Who is required to participate in the Occupational Health and Safety Program?

When organism use in animals requires them to be housed in ABSL3 facilities, then all personnel working with the animals must be enrolled in the OHSP. Continued approval of the animal care and use protocol is contingent upon yearly medical reevaluation of all participants.

Participation is voluntary, and is open to all personnel with direct or indirect contact with animals used in teaching and research, their bodily products, or materials to which they may be exposed, as described in the protocol. 

For participation information and health forms, please contact the IACUC Manager at IACUC@lsu.edu.


How often do I need to renew my animal protocol?

An annual review form must be filed annually for review by the IACUC.  Protocols must be updated and resubmitted for full IACUC review every three years with justification provided if the research activities remain the same.

Note: A protocol may be suspended if the Principal Investigator does not return the required Annual Review form.  The protocol will expire if the Principal Investigator does not submit a three-year renewal application prior to the protocol expiration date. 


What do I do if my protocol expires or is withdrawn from consideration?

If a protocol expires or is withdrawn from consideration, no animal activities may be conducted until a new IACUC Application is approved by the IACUC.  The Principal Investigator is responsible for ensuring that his/her approval does not lapse.


How do I amend an approved protocol?

An amendment to an approved IACUC protocol must be submitted in writing by the Principal Investigator to the IACUC at IACUC@lsu.edu. 

There are two types of amendments:  Major and Minor.  Minor amendments may include changes in personnel working on the protocol, additions to animal numbers, transfer of animals from one approved protocol to another, etc.  Major amendments may include changes to research objectives, addition of methods that cause pain or distress, addition of another strain, species, genus, family, or order of an animal, etc. 


How do I add/remove personnel from my IACUC protocol?

To add personnel to a protocol, the Principal Investigator should complete the form “Request to Add Personnel to IACUC Protocol(s)” and submit via email to IACUC@lsu.edu.  The form can be found on the DLAM website at https://www.lsu.edu/vetmed/dlam/iacuc/iacuc_resources.php. 

To remove personnel from a protocol, the Principal Investigator should send an email to IACUC@lsu.edu requesting the person(s) be removed. 

The Principal Investigator can also include personnel request changes on the Protocol Annual Review form.

Note: The addition of personnel are required to complete the required training (see #9) and make a decision as to whether or not they will participate in the Occupational Health and Safety Program (see #10).  Should personnel wish to waive participation, the IACUC Manager must receive the signed waiver form for the file.

Please visit the LSU Division of Laboratory Animal Medicine website for detailed IACUC information, helpful links and forms at https://www.lsu.edu/vetmed/dlam/iacuc/iacuc_resources.php.