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Our Purpose

The Latinx VMA Student Group seeks to empower, support, and increase the Latinx and Hispanic community representation within Veterinary Medicine. Based on the four pillars of empowerment established by the national Latinx VMA organization, the organization will work in conjunction with other SVM affinity groups to create a culture of inclusivity. The organization will create educational opportunities for the veterinary community to learn the various challenges, contributions, and successes of disadvantaged affinity groups.

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The LSU Vet Med chapter of Latinx VMA is the student chapter of the national organization.

Latinx VMA


Four Pillars of Empowerment


Professional Development

Through professional development, the group will identify various career paths, externships, internships, and additional opportunities for students to enhance their educational experience.


Through mentorship, the group will create networks for the Latinx community to connect with current and former faculty, staff, and students to learn from each other and grow both personally and professionally.


Through outreach, the group will seek to create pipeline programs to educate and recruit youths from the local community to join veterinary medicine.


Through scholarship, the group will attempt to find opportunities to assist financially disadvantaged students.


Patricia Bello

Class of 2024


Tiara Medina

Class of 2024

Vice President



Haydee Barajas

Class of 2024


Christian Quiles-Torres

Class of 2024