Split Sample Analysis Request


Please fax this split sample analysis request form prior to sending the sample. Laboratory confirmation of acceptance will follow and the sample may then be shipped. Samples must be shipped in a manner that insures adequate chain of custody. Thus the information provided with the sample should include sample number, intact seals properly initialed and dated and shipping documents. Urine samples should be shipped frozen in an insulated container with ice packs to insure temperature control. Blood samples should be centrifuged and serum or plasma separated from red cells or in serum separator tubes and sent frozen. Blood samples not separated should be shipped cold in an insulated container with icepacks.

The amount of sample required is generally 5mls for urine samples and 2mls for plasma samples. All samples are done in duplicate and it is preferable to have enough sample for a repeat assay should it become necessary. Any questions as to the amount should be directed to the Director of the EMSL before submitting the sample for analysis.

Payment should be included with the sample at the time of shipment if this procedure is in keeping with jurisdiction practice otherwise payment must be received before analysis and release of data. Arrangements for invoicing payment must be made through the Director of the EMSL and is only offered to institutions and not to individuals.


We do not pay for return shipping for sample containers. Containers that require return must be accompanied by return shipping form (FedEx or UPS); and a label showing the return address and phone number.

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