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The EMSL houses advanced chromatography and mass spectrometry equipment. All of our LC-MS systems are multiplexed, allowing for higher sample throughput and shortened analysis time. Our current instruments  include two Thermo Q-Exactive high-resolution LC-MS system, a Thermo Exactive high resolution LC-MS system, a Thermo LTQ-XL linear ion-trap LC-MS system, a Thermo LTQ-Velos linear ion-trap-ion-trap LC-MS system, a Thermo Quantum Access triple-stage-quadrupole (TSQ) LC-MS system, a Thermo Vantage triple-stage-quadrupole (TSQ) mass spectrometer equipped with an Aria Turboflow sample preparation and introduction system, one HP 5973 and one 5975 GC/MS system, as well as other equipment and facilities.