Faculty Achievements



CBS professor, Dr.Tammy Dugas, is making headlines with wine. Many news outlets have recently featured Dr. Dugas' research involving  drug-eluting stents, drug-coated balloons and antioxidants found in red wine (2018). #LSUSVM #we discover

Researcher investigates cardiovascular disease



CBS professor, Dr. Arthur Penn, was named the #LSUSVM Distinguished Research Scholar, (2018).



Stephania Cormier, PhD, professor in the Department of Comparative Biomedical Sciences, has recently had three publications selected to be featured in the U.S. National Library of Medicine.

  • NKG2D is Required for Regulation of Lung Pathology and Dendritic Cell Function Following RSV Infection
  • Future Research Directions in Pneumonia: NHLBI Working Group Report
  • Environmentally Persistent Free Radicals: Insights on a New Class of Pollutants

"Study Reveals Lung Changes in Mice Exposed to Secondhand Smoke in Utero" study by Arthur Penn, PhD, professor, and Alexandra Noel, PhD, assistant professor, was published in Respiratory Research.

Study reveals lung changes in mice exposed to second-hand smoke in utero