New Mexico

    Submitted April 6, 2022

    Practice Name: Carlsbad Animal Clinic

    City: Carlsbad

    State: NM

    Contact Person: Trista Mills

    Phone: 4802275978


    Job Description: Dear Colleagues,

    Thinking about the best way to start your career? Looking for encouraging, seasoned mentors invested in your acclimation into practice? Wanting to play with puppies everyday, but also practice medicine and learn a wide range of surgeries (surgery interest is not a deal breaker only a perk), Carlsbad Animal Clinic in Carlsbad, NM is the practice for you.

    Located in rural southeast NM, our practice is minutes from the Pecos River where you can spend your 2 hour lunch breaks enjoying some time out doors or you can grab a bite at the many delicious restaurants in our area. Within two hours are areas for fantastic hiking, skiing, or just enjoying leisure weekends at wineries (there are places to hike and a winery 15 min away as well).

    Our clientele are very "yes" inclined and tend to lean toward gold standard on the spectrum of care. Both veterinarians will be available to bounce ideas around and aid support at your discretion. Our staff is incredibly dedicated to our patients and are also super fun. Days at the clinic tend to be full of music, laughter, and fast paced dedication.

    Worried about debts and still having the capacity to live well? Our clinic is offering up to $60,000 sign on bonus, very generous base salary, ce allowance and time off, avma, licensing, liability insurance, medical insurance, pto, sick leave.

    On a personal note, I've been here since graduation 7 years ago. I love it and am looking forward to working with another vet (or two) wanting to give their best to our community.

    Feel free to call, text, or email for more info or I can set you up with a free trip out to check out our culture.

    All the Best,

    Trista Mills, DVM

    Associate Veterinarian Carlsbad Animal Clinic

    Personal ph: 480-227-5978