Challenge Course


Strengthen your team.

The UREC Challenge Course is a tool that can be used to help your group, team, organization, or office more effectively reach your goals. In challenge programs, focus can be placed on a number of different topics including: goal setting, problem solving, collaboration, trust, self-confidence, dealing with conflict, decision making, effective communication, and socialization. All programs are actively facilitated, and combines mentally and physically challenging activities with reflective debriefs to open the door to discovery and understanding.

Programming Options

  • Low challenge course programs are ideal for groups looking to focus on socialization, group cohesion, goal setting, trust, conflict resolution, trust, collaboration, and effective communication. Groups will be challenged with a mix of activities conducted with props, and fixed elements located at the UREC Challenge Course. Low challenge course programs can last anywhere from one to four hours, and are often conducted in conjunction with the high challenge course.
  • High challenge course programs are excellent for groups that are looking to focus on further group development and encourage growth . The high challenge course consists of four elements. High course programs can stand alone as a way to help a group bond together, or be done in conjunction with a low ropes program.
  • Adventure Based is happy to work with you to plan a group event that involves facilitated adventure experiences, private overnight or extended trips, service learning opportunities, or half/full day excursions around Baton Rouge.
  • Portable programs can provide the same benefits as a low course experience, but are tailored to groups who are not able to travel. Portable programs range from between one and three hours in length. 


Low Elements

  • Islands
  • Swinging Vine
  • Triangle Tension Traverse
  • Wild Woozy
  • T.P. Shuffle
  • All Aboard
  • Circular Whale Watch
  • Team Wall


High Elements

  • Cargo Net Challenge
  • Swinging Vine
  • Pirates Crossing
  • Hour Glass
  • Swinging Bridges
  • Two TandeHydrauliZiplinene

Book the challenge course


LSU Student Orgs LSU Departments Sponsored Off-Campus/Non-Profit
$5 per/person/hour $10 per person/hour $20 per person/hour

Must be 13 years of age or older to participate in the high course activities.

  1. Most Challenge Programs require at least one month’s notification to prepare for your individualized needs. The first step in booking your challenge program is to fill out the Challenge Course Inquiry & Group Assessment Form. This form provides us some background on your group, you desired goals/outcomes, group size, and requested dates. Please be sure to include a desired date and start time in your request.
  2. From there, UREC Adventure Education Staff will contact you with any follow up questions, and initial outline for your program. Once all of your desires have been planned in, a contract will then be drawn up and signed by both parties. Payment for services will not be required until after they are rendered.

Questions? Contact for more information about how to book a challenge course group.

Challenge Course Inquiry & Group Assessment form