Litterati Program

litterati logo

In Spring 2015, LSU launched our own version of the global Litterati initiative.  The LSU Community were asked to take a photo of litter they found on campus, upload it to social media and tag #Litterati and LSU Campus Sustainability. We had over 200 entries.  3 winning photographs were picked, and all winners receieved prizes.  The top winner was featured in the LSU Union Art Gallery for the summer.  The winning photos are below:




We collected statistics on the types of litter picked up.  The most common items found on the LSU campus were:

Plastic Bottles, Paper/Coffee Cups, Aluminum Cans, Food items, Candy Wrappers, Cigarettes, Toilet Paper Rolls, Food Containers, Plastic Easter Eggs, Straws,, Foam Cup, Q-Tip, Plastic Spoon, Mardi Gras Beads, Candy Wrappers, Beer Bottle Caps, Socks, Drink Cozies, Retainers (dental), Books, and Syringes


Campus Sustainability is planning to re-launch the Litterati campaign again soon, with a second round of prizes.  Stay tuned!

To learn more about the initiative, visit the Litterati webpage.