Tiger Transition Team (T3)

Explore. Engage. Empower.

Tiger Transition Team Peer Mentors


Email Elaine Duke for more information or to sign up for a mentor.


EXPLORE your new home away from home by experiencing life on campus and getting to know your peers and peer mentors. 

ENGAGE  in the T3 experience through connecting with your mentor, participating in events designed especially for you, attending our peer mentor/mentee small group activities, and engaging in the online T3 community through Moodle. 

EMPOWER yourself to utilize the resources, skills, and knowledge gained through T3 to make independent decisions and positive choices to define your first year. 

To participate in this semester-long experience, or if you have questions about the Tiger Transition Team or any of our other FYE programs, contact Elaine Duke at evidri3@lsu.edu.


Meet a few of your T3 Mentors:


Taylor Dunn

Taylor Dunn

"I grew up here in Louisiana and as many Louisiana residents LSU was my dream school. I decided to take the military route out of High School and passed on college right away. After four years of service, I decided LSU was still where my heart was. I wandered around campus my first semester completely lost and the friendly faces of the FYE program helped guide me to my class on the first couple days. It made me realize how much I could have used a mentor or some form of guidance my first year. Now, as a T3 mentor at FYE, I can actively help those who were in the same position as I was, transfer student veteran or brand new freshman. Every new student on this campus deserves the proper guidance and someone to help them be successful in the beginning stages of their time at LSU. This is a top-tier university and there is so much to know that it is impossible to learn on your own. I'm extremely excited, humbled, and honored to be able to help individuals as they transition to this amazing University."


Symone Lacour

Symone LaCour

"Coming from Houston, Texas with roots in Louisiana, I have always been a fan of LSU, but Baton Rouge was not my first choice. So, as move in day approached, it still wasn't realistic to me that I was a Tiger. I was struggling to connect myself to the already expansive community that is LSU. Until I went to STRIPES. By the second day of STRIPES, I knew I wanted to be a leader in FYE. Today I can proudly say that I am a T3 mentor, Bengal Bound Leader, and Small Group Leader of STRIPES because my SGLs gave me the courage to be myself and know that that is enough. I cannot wait to do the same for another. Forever LSU!"

Justin Nyguen

Justin Nyguen

"I applied to be a mentor when I first found out about FYE. After a successful first year with my mentee, I knew that I wanted to further commit with T3. It's been two years as an executive staff member of T3, and my time with this organization has been nothing more than fun and rich experiences. This year, I am serving as the peer engagement coordinator, and I'm super excited to collaborate with an energetic and friendly group of mentors and the future mentees."

Megan Manno

Megan Manno

"My T3 Mentor Story began back in the Fall of 2014, when I was not yet a mentor, but rather, a mentee. Having a mentor to guide me through freshman year, to answer my questions, and to help me navigate untraveled waters, I was able to adjust to college quickly. I found that having a T3 mentor was so beneficial, that I too wanted to provide support to incoming students. Now, in my third year of being a mentor, I can say that, not only do I have the opportunity to aid incoming students, but I learn much from them as well. It has been very rewarding to watch mentees in the program flourish and to form friendships that span longer than the year of mentoring. I look forward to my final year with the T3 Program and the opportunity to have another great experience with the incoming class."