Participants | LSU First Year Experience



At STRIPES you will:

  • Get a jump start in experiencing the history and traditions of LSU

  • Connect with campus resources, facilities and programs to help you be successful

  • Learn how to get involved in the campus community

  • Meet other first year students

Students interested in participating in the STRIPES program can register through their Admission Portal.  Students MUST register for orientation before they will be able to access the STRIPES registration form.


For details about registration, housing, meals, parking, and other information, please download the STRIPES handbook below:


photo: students cheering durings STRIPES


Flex your muscles at the STRIPES games. Participants and their groups will compete in a series of games and activities requiring both physical strength and knowledge of LSU.

photo: students dancing durings STRIPES

Fais Do-Do

Louisiana's Cajun culture is one of the unique aspects of LSU. Participants can grab a partner and learn how to Cajun dance or sit back and enjoy a bowl of jambalaya.


Late Night Activities

Get to know your future classmates and make new friends. Hang out in the residence hall and play a game of cards, play a game of basketball at the UREC or choose another activity. 


photo: group of students performing on stage during STRIPES roll call

Flag/Roll Call Presentation

Show off everything that you've learned through STRIPES! You and your group will create and perform a skit to prove that your small group is the best around.

photo: students cheering in Tiger Stadium during STRIPES

Alma Mater

Every LSU Tiger should know the alma mater. At STRIPES, you'll join the staff and other participants on the steps of the LSU Law School to sing the alma mater and begin your LSU experience.

photo: group of STRIPES students on campus

Group Meetings

Participants are assigned to different groups at the beginning of the program, which makes it easy to make new friends. You'll be working with your group members and other groups in your streak to show what you've learned about LSU. You'll also learn what life as a college student is like through your small group leaders.


STRIPES Passing Torch

Passing the Torch

STRIPES doesn't have a graduation ceremony, but the torch passing represents the passing of leadership to incoming students. If you attend STRIPES, you'll be well on your way to success at LSU. Then it's your turn to use your experiences to make the most of your time at LSU.