Our Institutional Framework | LSU Strategic Plan 2025

Our Institutional Framework

For LSU to achieve the goals outlined in our strategic challenges, it is important for the institution to invest in three primary areas that have comprehensive impact across the university. These are: Career Excellence and Enrichment; Service and Operational Excellence; and, Student Success.

Encouraging Career Excellence and Enrichment

As one of the state’s largest employers, LSU will recruit a diverse workforce including nationally and internationally competitive faculty, increase support for its faculty and staff in their respective roles, and create a community in which all are valued and encouraged to reach their full potential.

Establishing a Culture of Service and Operational Excellence

Exceptional customer service is the cornerstone of every successful enterprise. Through continual process improvement, LSU will invest deeply in its people and modernize operations and organizational structures to ensure maximum accountability, efficiency, and productivity. All of these efforts are designed to enhance the overall campus experience, encourage creativity and discovery, and enhance the delivery of exceptional customer service to all who interact with the university.

Supporting Student Success 

LSU’s primary goal is the successful retention and graduation of students who inherit our fundamental values during their studies at LSU. The university will work to address collectively the needs of the contemporary student through the deployment of effective student retention practices and scholarship that focuses on career development combined with critical thinking and communication skills.

Through our work, we carry forward the inspiration and vision for Louisiana's State University, leading Louisiana and impacting the world.