We bring to life the university’s overarching goals and accomplishments through video storytelling. We spotlight the people—our bright students and alumni, our world-renowned faculty researchers, and our extraordinary staff—who make the LSU community exceptional today and throughout history.

Brand-Compliant Videos

LSU has a fan base of millions, inclusive of alumni, students, family, and friends. As a result, there is a tremendous amount of LSU Tiger fan-generated video content on the internet.

When you create video content for your unit, the following components must be included for university approval:

Accessibility Requirements

All official and brand compliant LSU videos must be accessible with the inclusion of either closed captioning or by providing a written transcript of the audio. This includes videos posted on social media and YouTube. Most social media platforms provide automatic captioning, but it is important to manually check the accuracy of these captions after your video is posted.

Review guidelines and resources available at the university's online accessibility site.

LSU Video Assets

The university has a few brand standards for official videos to ensure they are recognized as official LSU communiqués.

See the LSU Brand Guide's Video section for further details and tips.

  • LSU Logo Bug
  • LSU Logo End Card
  • Lower Thirds

Download LSU Video Assets


The university's Policy Statement 10 (PS-10) governs the design, content, approval, and production of "reputation-defining" university communications that reflect, support, or promote the mission and vision of LSU as a whole or with regard to specific departmental programs.

This policy exists to preserve, protect, and enhance LSU's image by presenting the university in a clear, unified, consistent, and memorable manner and to ensure compliance with state law (R.S. 43:111) regarding the expenditure of funds for advertising.

The university requires us to review and approve all contracts with vendors for video, radio, and multimedia productions. If a unit uses an approved vendor without securing our approval in advance, Accounting Services will return the contract to us for review and approval. If the project is approved, the unit must supply a rough edit to us for approve at the end of the production process. Please check out our Approvals page for more information.

  • Submit video to
  • Submit video via YouTube (as an “unlisted” video) or another private video viewing platform (Vimeo, Wipster, etc.).
  • Allow up to three to five business days for approval.
  • If edits are necessary, please resubmit your video for final approval once the changes have been made.

Radio Scripts

PS-10 also relates to radio scripts. Please send to


We work with campus units to create projects and provide expertise in multimedia production to units creating their own pieces.

Project timelines vary based upon the nature of the request. We advise planning several months in advance for complex projects with scripts and at least a month in advance for any short-form material, such as short promotional pieces.

Our schedule fills quickly, but we accommodate last-minute projects when possible. We typically refer projects that we cannot accommodate to an approved vendor.

We are available to offer expertise any time a unit requires knowledge support.

Request a Project

  • Complete the project request form.
  • If the project is approved and accepted into the production queue:
    • Schedule a creative brief meeting with our video team.
    • Afterward, we will recap the meeting via email to clarify expectations and next steps before scheduling interviews, b-roll shots, etc.
    • You will receive up to three rounds of edit revisions. (Please note that final versions are subject to approval by the Vice President of Strategic Communications.)
    • Once final, you are responsible for coordinating the strategic push on the appropriate video platform (social media, website embed, broadcast television).


To allow university units to create projects economically, we only charge for certain items. Typical costs for video projects include hard drives, voice overs, or other services required by a third party vendor.

Outside Vendors

If we cannot accommodate the project, we can suggest vendors for your consideration. Per Policy Statement 10, the university requires us to review and approve all contracts with vendors for video, radio, and multimedia productions.

If a unit uses an approved vendor without going through the approvals process or contacting us in advance, LSU Accounting Services will return the contract to us for approval. If the project is approved, the unit must supply a rough edit to us for approval at the end of the production process.

Request B-Roll

Please submit all requests for campus b-roll to our team.



Many units that wish to capture video or still photography must receive a signed release from individuals featured in the video or photograph. Minors must have a release signed by parents or legal guardians. A copy of the release form can be obtained from our office.

Rights Agreements

Many units like to use music for video or radio projects that are copyrighted works. The university is covered by a blanket ASCAP agreement, which allows units to use contemporary music in their productions, provided that the music is covered by ASCAP.


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