Event Planning Checklist

Be sure to review the LSU Brand Guide for standards and guidelines pertaining to event branding.

Two Months Before the Event

  • Reserve date on key players’ calendars 
  • Reserve venue 
  • Reserve hotel rooms 
  • Book caterer 
  • Book entertainment if relevant
  • Arrange for equipment: 
    • PA system 
    • Podium 
    • Stage 
    • Tables 
    • Chairs 
    • Projector 
    • TV/VCR 
    • Lighting 
    • Flowers 
    • Plants 

Four to Six Weeks Before the Event

  • Mail invitations

One Month Before the Event

  • Meet with caterer to select menu, review venue setup, arrival time, etc. 
  • Confirm speakers 

One Week Before the Event

  • Send caterer final count and vegetarian count 
  • Alert caterer to attendee food allergies 

Day Before the Event

  • Print name tags 
  • Print place cards or seating assignments 

Day of Event

  • Review with caterer: serving order, outline of event such as the timing of remarks, etc. 
  • Decorate and arrange materials at venue 
  • Test equipment such as audio/video 
  • Place welcome baskets in hotel rooms of guests



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