Procedures to Borrow or Rent

  • All items borrowed or rented by faculty and staff from Strategic Communications must be returned within three (3) days of being signed out. Any requests for exceptions to our policy must be made in writing by your department head and approved by ours.
  • Items borrowed or rented must be returned in their current condition.
  • If an item is lost, stolen or damaged in your custody, your department will be charged to the PG account provided.


Faculty and staff requesting to borrow or rent items must complete a form for each type of item requested.

These forms must be completed and approved before items can leave our office. (Please note: Only faculty and staff may complete the forms. Student workers are not authorized to borrow or rent items.)

In completing each form, you must provide the PG for the requesting department or college. This number may be charged in the event that the item borrowed or rented is damaged, lost or stolen while in the requester's custody.

In the area of “Name of Person with Custody,” include the name of the person responsible for the item while checked out and for returning it to us.

If an item must be checked out for more than three days, it is at the discretion of the director in charge of the equipment they wish to borrow or rent.  The director must indicate in the approval email if the item is approved to be checked out for an extended period of time.

If an item is overdue, the office coordinator/business manager will notify the requester.  After three emails or calls, if it is not returned, the department will be charged.


Meghan Babineaux
Business Manager

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