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We take a 360-degree view of LSU to explore creative ways to promote the university and its community through informative and engaging stories.

We discuss all ideas, whether generated in-house or submitted from outside our office at a weekly content meeting, which the campus community is welcome to attend.

If you have questions or would like examples of how we turn your ideas into interactive content, please reach out to us.

Sample Stories

LSU Ph.D. Student Developing New Hurricane Computer Model

LSU Ph.D. student Felix Santiago-Collazo is working to fix a problem that affected his family and his home country of Puerto Rico: the strength and impact of a hurricane. He’s developing a computer model that can predict both rainfall runoff and storm surge.


LSU Rehabilitating Stroke Patients Through Adaptive Guitar

A group of LSU faculty and students from kinesiology and engineering are creating and researching a music-based technique to help rehabilitate arm and hand movement after a stroke. Their work is personal.


LSU Discover Scholar Researching the Effects of Concussions on Young Adults

LSU kinesiology assistant professor Marc Dalecki, along with a group of undergraduate and graduate students, are taking a closer look at concussions and the long-term impacts on young adults. One of those undergraduate students conducting research is Baton Rouge native, Abby Caffey, a senior majoring in kinesiology.

DJ C-Mix's Newest Title: LSU Graduate

Charles Eugene, also known as DJ C-Mix, is the first in his family to graduate from college. It was a promise he made to his mom before she died. Charles received his degree from LSU on Friday, May 11, 2018.


83-Year-Old Veteran to Receive Ph.D. from LSU

Johnnie Jones’ age isn’t stopping him from learning. In fact, the 83-year-old veteran will receive his Ph.D. from LSU on Friday, Dec. 14.


Fox News Anchor, LSU Alumna Sandra Smith Brings Purple and Gold to NYC

When she’s not anchoring on Fox News Channel’s “America’s Newsroom,” LSU alumna Sandra Smith loves reminiscing about her time in Baton Rouge.

“I close my eyes because it’s my happy place. I love to think about Baton Rouge and my time spent there: the people I met, the places I went, the food I tried. It was just such a unique experience that I’m forever grateful for,” Smith said.



valiquette with daisy

LSU Alumna Making Dreams Come True at Walt Disney World

Since graduating from LSU in 1994, Baton Rouge native Melissa Valiquette has made a name for herself working for Walt Disney World. But it’s not where she imagined herself working while a student.




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