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President's Address 

Jonathan Levesque


It is a privilege and an honor to serve as LSU’s 40th Staff Senate president. Our university has undergone many changes over the last decade. From flipping our financial model to modernizing our HR and accounting systems, Staff Senate has been there to advocate for your needs.

Today, we find ourselves facing challenges never before seen in LSU’s history. I am proud of our staff for their flexibility and resiliency in the face of COVID-19. I am inspired by our commitment to diversity ensuring the world will hear every Tiger’s roar.

I ask every senator to remind themselves why they volunteered to serve on Staff Senate. If you are like me, it was the simple fact you love this University and wish to “Do More”. My promise to the senate is simply this, I will come calling on each of you to help lead our body in the service of LSU.

LSU deserves our best, LSU NEEDS our best as we assist campus leadership to advance an agenda that will further modernize our campus while providing a great experience to our students. Staff Senate has cultivated strong relationships with the highest levels of campus leaders, It is time we leverage those relationships into actions that enhance the work life culture on campus. Staff Senate has done a wonderful job meeting its charge of “Advocacy, Awareness, and Appreciation”. We must all work together to continue the mission. It is time we emerge and evolve into an organization that everyone knows and recognizes as integral to the staff perspective.

I would like to take a moment to recognize our previous Staff Senate President, Rachel Henry whose tireless work ethic was a sight to behold. Rachel worked many unrecognized hours, attended innumerable meetings, and sent literal thousands of emails across campus. Her passion for LSU is clear and delightful. Rachel, on behalf of a grateful staff, thank you!!!

You’ll notice a common theme in this address, as a 4th generation military veteran “service” is in my blood. It is the very fabric of my being. I hope to inspire each of you into action, I hope to provide our staff with the advocacy they deserve, and finally I hope to have a small part in helping our wonderful students have the same incredible college experience that I had here in 2004. Each of those cannot be done without your help. So join me, as we enter the fray of yet another magically challenging Fall with endless possibilities.


Jonathan Levesque
IT Manager/Building Coordinator
Staff Senate President 2020-21
Cox Communications Academic
Center for Student-Athletes
Louisiana State University
100 Gym Armory
Baton Rouge, LA 70803
Office: 225-578-6637
Fax: 225-578-5790


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