The Lighthouse Program

The Lighthouse Program provides interpersonal violence prevention, advocacy, and support to the LSU campus community. The program assists student survivors of sexual assault, domestic violence, relationship violence and stalking. These services are available Monday thru Friday 8am-5pm. If you need support services or evidence collected after hours or on the weekend, please contact STAR (Sexual Trauma Awareness and Response) at 855-435-STAR, The Phone at 225-924-LSU1, or your local police department.

To request Lighthouse Program Services, please click the the link below for an advocate to contact you. All information will remain confidential: Lighthouse Program Services Request Form.


Louisiana State University is committed to providing confidential, nonjudgmental and appropriate support services for all sexual assault survivors, regardless of gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, ability, or whether or not they report the crime. In addition, the University has a vested interest in obtaining an accurate account of the number of sexual assaults occurring on- or off-campus involving student survivors. The Lighthouse Program is designed to accomplish both of these goals, as well as to meet federal mandates.

The term survivor will be used to refer to someone who has directly experienced a sexual assault. We acknowledge that the person has survived the incident and is beginning the path toward recovery. The term student-at-risk will refer to a student who is in an abusive/violent dating relationship, who is experiencing further abuse after terminating the relationship, or who is being stalked. The Lighthouse Program is housed in the Office of Wellness and Health Promotion in the Student Health Center, but Advocates are located in many different departments and offices on campus.

Role & Function of Lighthouse Advocates

Lighthouse Advocates are specially trained University personnel who can provide confidential guidance and support to LSU students who have directly experienced interpersonal violence (sexual assault, domestic violence, relationship violence, and stalking) or who want to help a friend in need.

Regardless of how long ago the traumatic event or violent incident occurred, you are encouraged to talk to a Lighthouse Advocate about your situation.

The period after a traumatic event can be confusing. Lighthouse Advocates ensure that no survivor or student-at-risk has to navigate the medical, legal, mental health, or University system alone.

Lighthouse Advocates will provide survivors and students-at-risk with options for recovery, including assistance with:

  • Filing a police report
  • Filing a University judicial report
  • Obtaining medical care
  • Obtaining emotional support
  • Arranging safe housing
  • Securing academic accommodations, as well as referrals to appropriate services and resources.


We're Committed

LSU is committed to ending sexual violence, and creating and maintaining a community of respect. Learn about survivor options for support, reporting, and training and education opportunities for the LSU community by the We're Committed site. 

We're Committed Site


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