The Leadership of the Student Senate is appointed by the Speaker with approval by the Student Senate. Leadership includes Legislative Staff, Legislative Officers, and Committee Leadership. Committee Leadership can be found under the Committees tab. 

The Officers and Staff of the Student Senate are tasked with assisting the Speaker and Speaker Pro Tempore in ensuring the legislative process is executed efficiently and effectively. Listed below are the Leadership positions in the Student Senate and the members who hold those positions.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to the individuals listed below. You can click on their name to send them an email with your question or problem.

Branch Heads

Speaker - Austin Grashoff

Speaker Pro Tempore - Catherine McKinney

Legislative Staff

Secretary - Maggie Morris

Undersecretary - Vacant

Parliamentarian - Alex Perrodin

Sergeant at Arms - Cole Conrad

Legislative Officers

Director of Communications - Sydney McGovern

Director of Development - Spencer Chiasson

Director of Outreach - Alex Spencer

Director of Programming - Ricky Bryant

Director of Recruitment - Jordan Landry

Director of Finance - Christian Nielson