Categorized Resolutions


The following resolutions are the opinion or will of the Faculty Senate, indicating the the ideas and values of the Faculty Council. The sponsor(s) must make the formal proposal during a Faculty Senate meeting. The motion is then put to the legislative body for vote.


19-01: Oversight of Contract Workers and Vendors
17-04: A surcharge on football tickets to aid tiger conservation efforts
16-13: Live Captive Mascots and LSU: A Hiatus by Way of a Dialogue
16-12: Regarding the Workday Implementation
16-03: Supporting the Louisiana Museum of Natural History at LSU
16-02: Reducing Stress Levels of Students and Faculty that Result from the Investments of Family and Friends Attending the Graduation Ceremony
15-18: Evaluation of Presidents and Chancellors
15-17: Supporting LSU Library Revitalization
15-15: Regarding the Case of Dr. Teresa Buchanan
15-14: Updating the name of the International Committee
15-10: Comprehensive Approaches to Higher Education Funding
15-08: Concurrence with COIA in the Support of the Establishment of a Presidential Commission on Intercollegiate Athletics
15-05: Overcoming AAUP Censure: A New Strategy for A New LSU
15-01: Opposition to “The Response” Prayer Rally at LSU
14-07: Procedures for Evaluation of the Chancellor-President
14-02: Support for a Tobacco-Free Campus
14-01: Correcting and Replacing the “Smoke-Free Campus” Committee
13-12: Consideration of Other Procurement and Service Changes
13-11: A Call for Re-evaluation of New Key Issuance Procedures
13-10: An Ovation for University Registrar Robert Doolos
13-07: No Confidence in the Board of Supervisors
13-04: Public Disclosure, the Presidential Search, and the Informed Debate
13-03: Defacement of Library Holdings: Education and Remedy
12-13: CEO Searches and the LSU Community
12-10: In Support of a Pay Raise for the Faculty
12-07: Assuring Proper Decorum within Academic Buildings
12-05: Explaining Responsibility for the Lab School
12-04: Recommendations for Provost Search and Replacement
11-19: Call for an Audit of the Budget and Procedures of Southern University with the Prospect of Censure
11-16: Advertising with Academic Buildings
11-14: Including International Activity in the LSU International Programs Annual International Report
11-11: Call to Support and Join LSUnited
11-09: Resolution to Declare the Campus to be Tobacco Free/Smoke-Free and to Establish a Task Force for the Purpose
11-08: Smoke-free Entranceways
11-07: A Resolution in Support of LOUIS
11-02: Reissue of PS-29 as Control in the Course and Classroom
11-01: State Subsidies for Athletic Programs and the Higher Education Budget
10-18: Increased Spending for Higher Education and the Timely Pursuit of Excellence
10-14: No Confidence in the Budget-Cutting Process
10-11: Concurrence with the Revision of PS-70
10-08: Establishment of an IT Governance Model
10-07: Sunshine on the Composition of Advisory Committees
10-04: Full Disclosure of Benefits for Job Candidates
10-02: Embargo on Recycling, Reassignment, or Reallocation of Terminated Position Lines
09-09: Retirement Plan Options Appropriate for Higher Education Professionals
09-08: Recognition of Exceptional Service to the University by Robert V. Nauman
09-02: Funding for LSU and for Louisiana Higher Education
08-15: Commendation of the Emergency Operations Center
08-14: An Ad Hoc Committee on Executive Search Procedures
08-10: Flagship Library Status Improvements
08-08: Endorsement of LSU Administration Efforts to Secure Funding
07-10: Anonymous Hot-Line and/or Suggestion Boxes
07-08: Advancement of the Internationalization of LSU
07-07: Fringe Benefit Rates for Sponsored Projects
07-04: To Urge and Request Chancellor O’Keefe to Secure Funding for the Proposed Renovation of the LSU Union Theater
06-09: Renewed Recommendation for Creation of Ombuds Office at LSU
06-11: Support for Flagship Information Technology Strategy
06-04: Some criteria for the selection of the President of the LSU System
06-02: Proposed Faculty Senate Resolution on Parking Issues
06-01: Establishing Priorities for Hiring During State Budget Freeze
05-08: Welcoming Chancellor Sean O’Keefe
05-05: Thanking and Commending Professor McGehee, and Endorsing the Creation of the McGehee Award
04-12: Support for a Tenure System in the Louisiana Community and Technical College System
03-14: Review of LSU Campus Master Plan
03-12: Analysis of LSU Salary Data
03-08: Faculty Network On Legislative Issues
03-05: Louisiana Higher Education Funding Senate Resolution
03-03: The Disproportionate Salary Increase of the Chancellor
02-08: Appointing an Ad Hoc Committee to Conduct a Poll/Questionnaire in Order to Determine the Opinions of the LSU Faculty on Collective Bargaining and Shared Governance
02-07: Inviting the American Association of University Professors to Send a National Representative to Address the Faculty Senate on the Issue of Collective Bargaining
02-02: Request LSU faculty be able to review administrators on the VelocitySquared website
02-01: Acknowledgement and thanks to the Governor and members of the Louisiana Legislature for support of higher education in the last legislative session
01-11: In support of Chancellor concerning BOR Master Plan
01-06: FS & LSU-AAUP cosponsor program on March 23
00-09: To Designate March As Career Month By The LSU Faculty Senate
00-07: Going on Record as a Signatory to the Proposed Statement of Support
00-01: Going on Record as a signatory to the proposed statement of support
99-14: Creation of a Permanent Commission On The Status of Minorities
99-13: Commends John Collier and Billie Collier
99-11: Endorsing March As Career Month
99-10: Support to Administration in Creating a Permanent Commission on The Status of Women
99-06: Paper Consumption and Recycling
99-05: Statement of Principle for Faculty Appointments for Administrators
99-04: Reviewing Faculty Appointments for Administrators
99-03: Paper Recycling
98-09: Graduate Dean Search
98-06: Proposal Regarding Collateral Faculty Ranks
98-05: Wishes to Professor Seay
97-04: Ombuds Office
96-03: Inclusion of Faculty Club
96-01: Forming a special committee to investigate the role of office of chancellor in awarding the scholarships and aids (resolution includes a call of leave for special assistant to the chancellor)
95-05: Applauding Governor Foster’s Actions
94-09: Commending Jim Richardson
94-06: Issue of Racial Discrimination
94-03: Formation of Council of Faculty Advisors
93-09: Appreciation to LSU Alumni Association
93-03: Standard Search to Fill All Critical Positions
92-13: Appreciation for the services of Norma Koenig
92-09: Draft Advertisement
91-14: Faculty Review of Chairperson (FRC)
91-02: Voting in Upcoming Election
90-11: Recommendations to the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
90-10: International Activity
89-20: Honorary Doctorate to Ronald Reagan
89-07: Preservation of Natural Beauty of Campus
89-06: Revision of PM-37
89-01: Office for International Program Coordination
88-32: Commending Professor Virginia Purtle
88-30: Full Time Child Care Center
88-29: Publicity of Nepotism Policy (unreadable document)
88-28: Workshops on Gender Bias
88-26: Standing Commission on Status of Woman
88-25: Equal Opportunity Guarantee (blank document)
88-22: Annual Review
88-07: Funding to Performing Arts Committee
88-01: Faculty and Staff Salary Information in the University Archives
87-07: Office of Ombudsman
87-03: Library Budget
87-02: Board of Trustees
86-04: Thanks to Norma Koeing
86-02: Congratulations to Dr. O’Connell
85-07: Contingency Plans for Operation
85-05: Disapproval of Secret Taping Devices
85-04: LSU Foundation Funds
85-02: Meaningful Faculty Representation to the LSU Board of Supervisors
84-04: Quality of Maintenance
84-03: Membership of Graduate Council
83-03: Library Circulation Information
82-07: Problems with Long-Overdue Books
82-02: Assessment of LSU’s Recruiting Efforts
82-01: Towards a Top Thirty Library (unreadable)
81-06: Recruitment of Quality Students
81-04: Search Committee for System President
81-02: Establish Campus Planning Office
80-11: Long Range Planning
80-06: Commission on Women
80-03: Data Processing Coordinating and Advisory Council (DPCAC)
80-02: Enforcement of Parking Regulations
80-01: Voting Membership on the Board
79-15: Actions of Board of Supervisors
79-13: Fee Waiver Program
79-12: Day Care Program for the Children
79-10: Changes in PS-35 and PS-36
79-04: Rescind Policy on Visitors
79-03: Design and Construction of New Buildings
78-05: Fragmentation of LSU
78-01: Insure Equal Opportunity
77-14: Performing Arts Committee
77-13: Archives and Records Management
77-06: Recruitment Policy
77-02: Distribution of Merit Funds

18-01: Faculty Development at LSU
17-06: Consultation with Faculty before any Change in IT Policies
17-05: Tuition Reduction and Fee Remission for LSU faculty children and spouses
16-15: Regarding the Professor Watchlist
16-09: Amending PS-36-T and -NT so as to Comply with Faculty Senate Resolution 03-04 on Grade Distributions
16-08: Parental Leave for LSU Faculty (not an actual LSU policy, request for one)
16-05: Recognition and Honoring of Retiring LSU Faculty at Commencement Ceremony
15-19: Quality Faculty and the Collegiate Education of Young Adults
15-13: Thanking and Commending Judith Schiebout, Sophie Bart, and Lillian Bridwell-Bowles for Outstanding Service
15-12: A Resolution to Oppose House Bill 707, the Louisiana Marriage and Conscience Act
15-07: Faculty Senate Concurrence with Transitional Promotional and Appeal Procedures
15-06: Support for Inviting DEQ to Hold a Public Hearing on the LSU Campus about Location of a Barge Cleaning Facility Close to the South Side of LSU
15-04: Addressing Institutional Racism in Law Enforcement
14-11: Management Processes and the Primacy of the Faculty
14-10: Halting the Erosion of Health Plans Administered by the Office of Group Benefits (OGB)
14-06: HB244 and the Sale of Firearms on Campuses
14-05: LSU Discover Faculty Involvement and Compensation
14-03: Retirement Options for LSU Faculty Members
13-14: A Call for Protection of Privacy Rights of LSU Staff
13-09: A Written Protocol for Dual Career Recruitment and Retention
13-08: Faculty Football Lottery
13-02: An Ad Hoc Committee on Excused Absence Policy
13-01: Adopting a University Policy for the Retention and Recruitment of Dual Career Faculty Members
12-12: Domestic Partner Health Benefits for LSU Employees
12-09: Graduate Faculty Membership for Faculty with 100% LSU AgCenter Appointments
12-08: Reaffirmation of the LSU Campus as a Firearms Free Zone
12-02: Distinguishing Faculty Evaluation Criteria from LAGRAD Act Standards
12-01: Graduate Faculty Status: Confidence in Colleagues and their Credentials
11-24: Including International Scholarly Activities in PS-36 Promotion and Tenure Documents
11-13: Diligence, Client Input, and the Privatization of the Office of Group Benefits
11-12: Ad Hoc Committee on Faculty Workloads
11-10: On the Working Conditions of Instructors
10-17: Appeal for Increased Leadership by the Governor
10-16: Stoppage of Scenarios that Degrade Morale and Appeal for Increased Leadership by Boards of Higher Education
10-14.2: Reclaiming Faculty Authority over the Curriculum and Recommending Alternatives over Layoffs
10-14.1: Reclaiming Faculty Authority over the Curriculum and Rescinding Announced Layoffs
10-09: A Faculty Member’s Right to Assign Grades
10-06: Faculty Authority over Course Transfer Credit
09-05: Limitations on the Choice of Classroom Clickers (Student Response System)
09-04: Supporting Major Improvements of the United States Civil War Center, Restoring it to its Former Prominence on the LSU Campus, in Baton Rouge, the State, and the Nation
09-03: For a Rational Pay Scale at LSU
08-13: Opposition to HB 179, the Sick/Alternative Leave Bill
08-11: Transparency and Integrity in PS-36-T Personnel Processes for Faculty
08-07: Parking during the Evening 
08-05: Reception of the Report of the Ad Hoc Committee on Tuition Wavers
08-04: Mentoring Guidelines and Procedures from the Commission on the Status of Women
08-02: Enhanced Online Access to Faculty Credentials
08-01: Creation of an Ad Hoc Committee on Tuition Wavers
07-05: PS-111 Enforcement and Review Committee
06-08: Comprehensive Protection of Whistleblowers at LSU
05-03: Informing Faculty of Developments Regarding PM-35, PS-109, and Related Issues
05-06: Integrity of the Tenure Process
05-01: A Proposed New PS-36: Tenure-Track and Tenured Faculty: Appointments, Reappointments, Promotions, Advancement to Tenure and Annual Reviews
04-10: Principles and Guidelines for a Replacement of PM-35
04-04: Policy Statement on Instructors
04-02: Co-sponsor Community Forum on American Foreign Policy in Iraq
03-13: Posting Faculty Salaries on the Web
03-11: Guidelines and Recommendations for Establishing Criteria for Awarding Merit and Equity Raises
03-10: PS-36 Addendum
03-06: Co-Sponsor of the Open Forum on the Bush Administration’s Policy Toward Iraq
02-04: Contracts for Instructors and General Librarians
99-02: Status of Faculty Salaries
97-03: LSU Foundation Accounts
97-02: Creation of Three LSU Foundation Accounts
96-08: Departmental Teaching Development Programs
96-07: Long Term State Health Plan
94-08: Pay Raises to Faculty and Staff
94-07: Additional Funding for Libraries
93-05: Additional Funding for Libraries
93-02: Evaluation of Teaching
92-15: Faculty Workload
92-08: Faculty Participation in Planning
92-06: Pay Cuts
92-04: Special Session of Senate Legislature (says “higher education,” but really about LSU)
92-03: Raising Revenues
90-13: Teaching Performance Evaluation
89-10: Louisiana Conference of Faculty Senates
89-09: Group Benefit Plan
89-08: Health Maintenance Organization (HMO)
89-02: Ad Hoc Committee on Salary Matters
88-03: LSU System Employee Benefit Plan Evaluation
87-13: PS-36 Draft
87-06: Retirement Program
87-04: “Faculty Grievances” Section of Faculty Handbook
86-05: Employee Group Benefit Program
86-01: Ad Hoc Committee on the Status of Women
85-09: Legislation for Taxation of Exchange Grants
85-08: Disinvestment Policy
84-05: Promotion and Tenure Reviews
83-01: Travel Regulations Governing Faculty Travel
82-03: Grievance Procedures
80-10: State Teachers Retirement System
80-09: Health Benefits Insurance Program
80-08: Lifetime Major Medical Coverage
80-07: Health Benefits Insurance Premiums
77-05: Matters of Appointment and Promotion
77-01: Board Actions on Academic Policy Matters

17-03: Amendments to Article VI of the Louisiana State University Faculty Senate Constitution and Bylaws
17-02: By-Law Changes for the Coalition on Intercollegiate Athletics
16-14: Renaming the Grievance Committee
16-06: Revision of Membership Requirements for Selected Faculty Senate Committees
16-04: Membership in the Coalition on Intercollegiate Athletics
13-05: The Rights of Academic Librarians to Express their Professional Opinions
11-17: Elections for Members of the LSU Graduate Council
11-15: Membership of the General Education Committee Bylaws Revision
10-15: Challenging the Membership of Unelected Senators
10-03: Replacing the Current System of Appointments with a New System of Elections for members of the Graduate Council
10-01: Amendments to Article VI and Article VII of the LSU Faculty Senate By-Laws
07-09: Streamlining the Senate Committee System
07-06: Faculty Senator’s Disclosure of Gifts Received from the Administration
06-05: Appointment of a Faculty Representative to the LSU Board of Supervisors
05-10: Amendments to Article IX of the Senate Bylaws Regarding Provisions of the Committee on Student Aid and Scholarships
05-02: Amendments to Article IX of the Senate Bylaws
04-09: A By-Laws Amendment concerning General Provisions for Senate Committees
04-08: A By-Laws Amendment concerning the Council of Policy Committees Draft
04-07: A By-Laws Amendment Establishing the Educational Policy Committee
04-06: A By-Laws Amendment Replacing the Review and Long-Range Planning Committee
04-03: Constitutional Amendment on Faculty Governance
04-01: Adding an Undergraduate Student to the Faculty Senate General Education Committee
01-13: Development of policies on graduate faculty
01-08: Create Ad Hoc Collective Bargaining Committee
01-01: Changes in FS bylaws
99-09: Changes in By-Laws
99-01: Ratifying the Actions of the FSEC
98-08: Reviewing aspects of Academic ranks
95-04: Improvement of Instruction Committee
94-10: Changes in Faculty Senate Bylaws
94-01: Negotiation with other Faculty Senate Bodies
92-12: Proposal for Council of Policy Committee
92-10: Representation in Board of Regents and Board of Supervisors
91-06: Bylaws Amendment Regarding the University Budget Committee and University Planning Committee
91-03: Ad Hoc Committee on Harassment Issues and on Diversity
89-14: Bylaws Amendment on an Ex-Officio Member of General Education Committee
89-13: Bylaws Amendment on Ex Officio Members of Courses and Curricula Committee
89-12: Bylaws Amendment Re-Establishing Public Relations Committee
89-11: Procedures for Considering Certain Bylaws Amendments
89-05: Amended Procedures for Considering Certain Bylaws Amendments
89-04: Procedures for Considering Certain Bylaws Amendments
88-31: Faculty Senate Representation for Summer Semester
88-21: Permanent Faculty Senate Services Committee
88-14: Ad Hoc Committee on Academic Decision Process
88-13: Commending Members of Ad Hoc Committee
87-14: Faculty Senate representation for Summer Semester
87-11: Dissolve Public Relations Committee
87-10: Dissolve Archives and Records Management Committee
87-09: Permanent Committee on General Education
87-05: Permanent Committee on Academic Computing
86-07: Ad Hoc Committee to Review the General Education Program
85-01: A Bylaws Amendment Regarding the Commencement Exercises Committee
84-02: Ad Hoc Committee on Computing and Information Services
84-01: A Bylaws Amendment Regarding the Public Relations Committee
83-05: Faculty Senate Election Procedure
83-04: A Bylaws Amendment Regarding the Courses and Curricula Committee
83-02: A Bylaws Amendment Regarding the Library Committee
81-08: Faculty Senate Bylaws
81-07: A Bylaw Amendment Regarding the International Education Committee
81-05: Rescind Senate Resolution
80-05: Rescind Senate Resolution
79-07: Rescind Senate Resolution
79-01: Faculty Senate Constitution
77-11: Rescind Senate Resolution
77-04: Appointment of a Special Committee

17-07: Restructuring of LSU General Education
17-01: Return of Fall, Spring and Summer Course Designations to the Catalog
16-07: Affirming the Role of Area Studies and Diversity Programs at LSU
15-16: Task Force on Long-Range Planning for the Academic Environment
15-11: Reaffirming the Importance of Mid-Semester Grades and Abolishing the Designated Mid-Semester Examination Period
15-09: A Committee to Consider the Maximum Number of Midterm Examinations per Day
15-02: Rationalization of the Spring Holiday
14-08: Support for Establishing an Academic Honor Code: “The Tiger Creed”
14-04: Improvement of Internship Policies and Procedures
13-13: Scheduling of Fall Holiday
13-06: Implementing Software for Detecting Plagiarism and for Enhancing Electronic Assessment of Research Papers
12-11: A Task Force to Consider and Compare Anti-Plagiarism Services
12-06: Scheduling of Classes Monday through Thursday
12-03: Including Class Attendance Among Course Grading Criteria
11-23: Grade Exclusion Policy
11-20: A Plus and Minus Grading System for LSU
11-18: Scheduling Classes on the Hour and Half Past the Hour
11-06: Transfer and Re-entry of Students into Curricula
11-05: Rapid Implementation of Curriculum and Related Changes
11-04: Concentrated Study Period Policy Revisions
11-03: Adjustment of the Fall Semester Start to Allow for a Week-Long Thanksgiving Holiday
10-19: New College Preparatory Core for Admission to LSU
10-13: Withdrawal Date Policy Revisions
10-10: Final Examinations and Grade Assignments
10-05: Revision of PS-22: Excused Absences from Class
09-11: Timing of LSU Spring Break, Adjustment Options
09-10: University Admissions Standards and the Restructuring of Louisiana Higher Education
09-07: Conditions and Procedures for Furlough Plans
09-06: Inactive Course Policy
09-01: Scheduling Class Start Time on the Hour and Half Past the Hour
08-16: Establishment of Memorial Day as a Holiday for LSU Faculty, Staff, and Students
08-12: Proposing an LSU Policy Statement on Comprehensive Whistleblower Protection, And Establishing a University Ethics Office at LSU
08-09: Appropriate Selection of LA Core 4 Curriculum as the TOPS Criteria
08-06: The Thanksgiving Holiday Break
08-03: Timing of LSU Spring Break
07-03: To Establish an Ad Hoc Committee to Examine Interdisciplinary and Interdepartmental Programs
07-01: Reconsideration of Fall Academic Calendar
06-10: Adjustment to the LSU Core
06-07: Proposed Faculty Senate Resolution on Rescheduling Final Exams
06-06: Enhancement of LSU Admission Standards
06-03: A Commission on Financial Exigency Policy
05-11: Amendment to Senate Resolution 03-04 on Grades and Standards
05-04: Clarification of Grade Appeal Policy
04-11: Admission Requirement of ACT/SAT Essays
04-05: Dean’s List & Chancellor’s Honor Roll
03-09: Evaluation of Administrators
03-07: Revision Of 2005 Admission Standards
03-04: On Grades and Standards
03-01: Increasing Admission Standards
02-09: Same as 03-01
02-06: Concentrated Study Period Policy
02-05: Listing a Second Major on the Transcript of a Student Obtaining one Bachelor’s Degree
01-15: Change class times to hour and half-hour
01-14: Form a Committee to revise PS-35
01-12: Ph.D. hooding at main commencement ceremony 05/01
01-10: BOR consult with Chancellor and Faculty concerning admissions
01-09: Chancellor’s Honor Roll
01-07: Review “Prime Time”
01-05: Remove University-wide December graduation ceremony
01-04: Develop procedures to remove tenure from administrators
01-03: Increase LSU25+ to 30 credit hours
01-02: Reinstate August Commencement
00-14: The Questionable Legality of PM-35
00-10: New Admission Standards for Fall-2002
00-08: New Admission Standards for Transfer Students
00-05: Policy Statement on Tenure
00-04: Resolution 00-04 Changes in PASS Program
00-02: Endorsing the Proposed Dismissal for Cause Policy
99-12: Amendment in PS-29
98-07: Admission Standards
97-01: Admission Standards
96-09: Drug Testing
96-05: Writing Across the Curriculum
96-04: Access Program
95-06: Computer Literacy
95-03: Credit for Repeated Courses
95-02: Admission Standards and Honors Committee
95-01: Admission Standards and Honors Committee
94-11: Policy About Adding and Dropping Courses
94-05: Access Program
94-04: Policy Statement related to Physical Facilities
94-02: General Education Requirements
93-08: Endorsement of University Policy on Smoking
93-07: Changes in PS-36
93-01: Concentrated Study Period
92-14: Dead Weeks
92-11: Unwilling Exposure to Tobacco Smoke
91-08: Spring Commencement
91-07: Amendment in PS-29
91-05: Closing of University on December 23
91-04: Admission Standards and Honors Committee
90-12: Accept Revised and Improved Version of PS-36
90-07: Full Tuition Waivers for Dependents of Al Full Time Employees and Retirees of LSU
90-06: Admission Standards
90-04: Ad Hoc Committee on Research Ladder Positions
90-03: Ad Hoc Committee on Instructor Positions
89-19: Full Advisory Committee
89-18: Maximum Credit Loads for Undergraduate Students
89-15: No Credit Grades
88-24: Sexual Harassment Policy
88-23: Criteria for Evaluating Academic Performance
88-20: Academic Bankruptcy
88-19: Undergraduate Admission Requirements
88-18: Committee on Undergraduate Admission Requirements
88-17: Undergraduate Admission Committee
88-16: Admission Requirements
88-11: Scholastic Probation
88-04: Ad Hoc Committee to Investigate Certain Admission Decisions
88-02: Admission Requirements for Undergraduate Transfer Students
87-12: Eliminating Requirement of Instructor’s Signature for Dropping Courses
87-01: Restrictions on Dropping Courses
86-06: Class Size
85-11: General Education Criteria
85-10: Pre-Baccalaureate Committee (PBC)
85-03: Thirty-Nine Hour General Education Component
84-06: Student’s Course Drop Request
83-07: Preregistration and Registration
82-06: Graduation Ceremony
81-03: Removal of 1 Grade
79-14: W Grade
79-08: Degree with Honors
79-06: Grade Submission
78-04: Findings of International Education Committee
78-03: Admission Policy for the Gifted and Talented Children
78-02: Repeating of Courses for Credit
77-12: Degree with Honors
77-10: Admissions Policy
77-09: Changes in General Catalog
77-08: Changes in General Catalog
77-07: Degree with Honors


All Resolutions are in PDF and Microsoft Word formats. All official Resolution documentation of the LSU Faculty Senate are housed in the Hill Memorial Library, University Archives.

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Chronological Resolutions