General Education Committee

(transitioning to Integrated Learning Core Committee)


  • To interpret and clarify the philosophy and goals of general education, to keep abreast of similar programs nationwide, to review periodically the existing requirements, and to recommend restructuring, when appropriate;
  • To coordinate with the Office of Academic Affairs the establishment of instruments for judging the quality and effectiveness of the general education requirements;
  • To evaluate the effectiveness of individual courses in fulfilling the goals of general education. The committee’s evaluations and recommendations shall be submitted, through the Executive Committee, to the Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Provost;
  • To review proposed additions to, alterations of, and eliminations of courses from the general education requirements submitted by departments in the several colleges and schools not within a college or by the Office of Academic Affairs;
  • To coordinate with Junior Division counselors and with counseling faculty in participating academic units to ensure that students are provided with adequate information about the general education requirements;
  • To create a subcommittee which shall make recommendations to the Office of Academic Affairs concerning student petitions for exceptions to the published general education requirements, including course substitutions; and
  • To direct, as needed or as requested, surveys of the academic units, including deans, directors, and department chairmen or heads in order to determine the impact of the general education requirements on areas such as academic programs, facilities, and faculty and staff scheduling. Where problems are identified, the committee should recommend solutions.



Experienced faculty, one from each college or school not within a college granting undergraduate degrees: Agriculture, Art and Design, Engineering, Human Sciences & Education, Humanities & Social Sciences, Mass Communication, Music and Dramatic Arts, and Science; representative from the Honors College; one upper-division undergraduate student; the Vice Provost for Academic Affairs (or designee), ex officio; representative from the University Registrar, ex officio; and representative from the Office of Institutional Effectiveness, ex officio. (Experience is defined as having had one or more years of active participation on a department, school, or college curriculum committee.)


Member College Email Term Ends
Elecia Lathon Human Sciences and Education  2020
James Ottea  Honors College  2020
John Scalzo (CO-CHAIR) Engineering  2020
Erin Coyle Mass Communications  2021
  Coast and Environment    
Kevin Benham Art and Design  2022
Robbie Hogan Humanities and Social Sciences  2022
Bill Kelso (CO-CHAIR) Agriculture  2022
Justin West Music and Dramatic Arts   2022
  Student Representative    
Andrea Abad University Registrar   Ex Officio
Matthew Lee Office of Academic Affairs  Ex Officio
Clay Benton University Registrar  Ex Officio
Tara Rose Institutional Effectiveness  Ex Officio