Chemical Biology Seminar

Chemical Biology seminars are hosted by Dr. Mario Rivera at 11 a.m. on Fridays via Zoom until further notice

Spring 2021 Schedule

Date Speaker Credentials/Advisor Title
01/22/2021 Yongchan Kwon Bio. & Ag. Engineering, LSU "Cell-free system for future biomanufacturing and synthetic biology"
01/29/2021 William Wimley

Biochem.& Mol. Biology, Tulane Medicine

"Synthetic Molecular Evolution Host Cell Compatible Peptide Antibiotics"
02/05/2021 Huangen Ding Biological Sciences, LSU "Iron-sulfur cluster biogenesis and iron homeostasis in E.coli
02/12/2021 Anne Grove Biological Sciences, LSU "Targeting a global transcriptional regulator for production of bioactive compounds"
02/19/2021 Robin McCarley Chemistry, LSU Cancelled
02/26/2021 Bhuvnesh Bharti Chem. Engineering, LSU "Adsorption and self-assembly of proteins on nanoparticles"
03/05/2021 Graca Vicente Chemistry, LSU "Targeting Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor (EGFR) with Fluorophore-Peptide Conjugates"
03/12/2021 Swathi Balaji Baylor College of Medicine "The role of energy metabolism and exosome signal transduction in  governing dermal wound healing and fibrosis"
03/19/2021  Syun-Ru Yeh Albert Einstein College of Medicine "Human IDO & TDO-Structure, Function, Inhibition and Regulation"
04/09/2021 Wayne Outten Chem & Biochem, University of South Carolina " Maintaining essential iron cofactor biogenesis under stress: Lessons learned from studies of the Suf pathway in E. coli"
04/16/2021  Robert W. Huigens III             College of Pharmacy, University of Florida “Indole Alkaloids and Phenazine Antibiotics as Platforms for Discovery”
04/23/2021 Isiah Warner Chemistry, LSU "GUMBOS for Selective Cancer Therapy"

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