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Shan'Terika Remo
Shan'Terika Remo in uniform
Shan'Terika Remo with other med students
Shan'Terika Remo

2nd Lieutenant, US Medical Corps Shan’Terika Remo

United States Medical Corps Officer and LSU-Shreveport Health Sciences Medical School junior, Shan'Terika Remo was born in Winnfield, LA where she lived until age 10 when her father joined the military. After graduating Mansfield High School Remo enrolled in LSU and in 2010 claimed a Major in Chemistry to give her the option of deciding between MD, Md/PhD, or PhD. This also gave Remo more time to work on her research project which left an impression on the LSU chemistry Faculty.

Remo completed her degree in Chemistry and Biochemistry in May 2011. Looking back Remo said she would choose chemistry from the beginning giving her more determination to achieve awards, and more time to seize the opportunities LSU Chemistry gave her. She remembers fondly her time majoring in Chemistry at LSU, saying she appreciated the many opportunities to have one-on-one mentorship from the Chemistry faculty.

As Remo began enrolling in Junior courses, small group of students made her experience more enjoyable.  The countless research and volunteer opportunities proved by the Chemistry Department made Remo more marketable to professional schools and other biomedical careers.

Today Remo is in her third year of LSU-Shreveport Health Sciences Medical School doing her clerkship through the primary fields of medicine. Her advice to current students is to “Be Flexible. Enjoy every moment and don’t be afraid to make change. The only thing in life that is constant is change. If you find yourself unhappy with the way things are going, figure out what you want to do and invest time to find the necessary avenues to make that dream a reality.”

Profile contributed by Carol M. Taylor 

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