Sarah Fox

Sarah Fox 

After growing up in southeast Texas and attending Bridge City High School, Sarah Fox came to LSU and began majoring in Chemical Engineering. During her sophomore year, Fox changed her major to Chemistry after realizing that is what she was truly passionate about. Through after school tutoring, Fox discovered another passion in teaching, and found the GeauxTeach program which she describes as “the perfect merger of my desire to pursue chemistry and be able to teach.”

Fox looks back fondly on her time as a Chemistry Major at LSU but most of all enjoyed the connections she made with her peers and professors in upper-level classes. She recalls, "Once we got down to the courses with smaller class sizes, we were able to really get to know our professors which helped me personally invest in the content to get the most out of my courses."

Fox graduated in May 2012 and now teaches science at Catholic High School in Baton Rouge. Although her class schedule may be the same every day, each brings new challenges and opportunities. Fox says, "I love what I get to do each and every day and the impact I get to have on my students." Teaching isn’t for everyone, but Sarah is passionate about her role as a teacher and rests easy knowing this is the best career for her. She also points out that, “the pay has increased dramatically over recent years and is now competitive with other jobs.”

Fox wishes she had begun majoring in chemistry sooner to allow more elective classes and provide more time for research experience. Her advice to incoming and current undergraduate students is, "Invest yourself fully in whatever you are passionate in. If you put yourself completely out there and are willing to do the work, you will find a job that is perfect for you. Do not doubt or limit yourself on what you can do with a chemistry degree and a bit of determination."

Profile contributed by Carol M. Taylor

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