Mary Jo Pribble Graduate Award in Inorganic Chemistry

Mary Jo Pribble

Mary Jo Pribble earned a Bachelors Degree in Chemistry from Maryville College, TN, and a Masters Degree in Chemistry from Duke University, NC.  She entered the PhD program at LSU and became a student in the research group of the late Professor Joel Selbin.  She completed a dissertation titled, “New Coordination Compounds of Uranium V.”  She received her PhD in 1970.

After a brief stint as a document chemist at Ethyl Corp, she moved on to a long career as a teacher, first at Limestone College in South Carolina.  In 1977, she became a faculty member at Glenville State College where she was well-respected and described by a former student as “a one woman chemistry department.”  Dr Pribble was an elder in the Glenville Presbyterian Church and had a passion for weaving.  She retired in 1994.

Professor Pribble passed away on August 11th, 2015.  She left a substantial sum of money to LSU Chemistry for graduate student support.  The funds have been endowed for the purposes of this award. 

The 2018 recipient of this award was Himali Kokila Ranasinghe of the Marzilli Group (pictured with Professor John Pojman, Director of Graduate Studies).

 Himali Kokila Ranasinghe with John Pojman