Robinson Graduate Analytical Chemistry Award

James Robinson


Professor Robinson joined the Department of Chemistry as an Associate Professor in 1964, retiring to become Professor Emeritus in 1993.  To read more about Professor Robinson, see:

Induction into the College of Science Hall of Distinction (2011)

Also, “Who am I?” on p. 2 of the Spring 2016 edition of the Department newsletter.


The original award documentation states, simply, that “the recipient of this award must be a full-time graduate student in Analytical Chemistry enrolled in the College of Science.”  In 2015, the faculty of the Analytical Division decided that the award should be for a student who will receive their doctoral degree that year.  Students completing their PhD in the Fall of the award year are also eligible. The winner may be informed so that he/she can use the information in their vita when seeking subsequent employment. However, the name of the winner will not be broadly announced until graduation or after graduation in the case of a student graduating in the Fall.


The endowment for this eponymous award was contributed by Professor Jim Robinson.


The 2017 recipient of this award was Nimisha Bhattarai of the Warner Group (pictured with Professor Robinson).

Nimisha Bhattarai


Previous recipients:

  • 2016    Nicolas Speller (Warner Group)
  • 2015    Bijeta Prasai (McCarley Group)
  • 2014    Paul Magut (Warner Group)
  • 2013    Joyce Kamande (Soper Group);  Atiya Jordan (Warner Group)
  • 2012    Sergio de Rooy (Warner Group)
  • 2011    Wilson Serem (Garno Group)
  • 2010    Udara Dharmasiri (Soper Group)
  • 2009    Jie-Ren Li (Garno Group);
  • 2007    Arther Gates (Warner Group)
  • 2006    Alicia Williams (Warner Group)
  • 2005    Suying Wei (McCarley Group)
  • 2004    Mary Kamande (Warner Group)
  • 2003    Constantina Kapnissi (Warner Group)
  • 2002    Musundi Wabuyele (Soper Group)
  • 2001    Suzanne Lassiter (Soper Group)
  • 2000    Fereshteh Billiot (Warner Group);  Alyssa Henry (McCarley Group)
  • 1999    Juson Haynes (Warner Group)
  • 1998    Lenore Polo (Limbach Group)
  • 1997    Robert Willucut (McCarley Group);  Eric Roberts (Warner Group)