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LSU ALEKS Chem Prep Requirement

The LSU Chemistry Department offers a required Chem Prep course to help you prepare for success in Chemistry 1201. Chem Prep is an online course offered through the ALEKS platform.  This Chem Prep course has proven to be extremely helpful in improving success in Chem 1201 at LSU.

LSS Fall 2018 final exam scores

When is it due?

You will take the Chem Prep course over the 2019 summer months. You must complete the course prior to Wednesday September 11, 2019 at midnight.  The average student will require 14 hours of work but some students might require as much as 50 hours of work.  The Chemistry faculty strongly encourage you to finish the ALEKS Prep Chem course over the summer months prior to the start of classes on August 26th.

How does it count in my grade?

Your mastery score in ALEKS counts for 3% of your Fall semester Chem 1201 course grade.  You must master 90% of the topics in ALEKS prior to the deadline to receive full credit.  No credit will be given for the ALEKS component of your course grade if less than 90% mastery is achieved.

How do I get started?

Detailed information will be emailed to your LSU email address in mid July. You can also find the details of how to get started with ALEKS at 

What does it cost?

There is a $30 fee that is paid directly to ALEKS using a credit card.

Is ALEKS a prerequisite to register for Chem 1201?

No.  You may register for Chem 1201 without having to successfully reach mastery in the ALEKS Prep Chem Course.  However, ALEKS does count for 3% of your Chem 1201 course grade. 



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