Frederick H. Sheldon

Frederick  H.  Sheldon

George H. Lowery, Jr. Professorship
Director of Museum of Natural Science
Curator of Genetic Resources
SEE Division

PhD: Yale University, Biology, 1986

Phone: 225-578-2887

Fax: 225-578-3075

Office: 119 Foster Hall
Website:  Sheldon Lab

Area of Interest

I have two fundamental areas of research interest: the evolution and systematics of birds, and the natural history of the birds of the Malay archipelago. My research in systematics emphasizes the reconstruction of phylogenies of bird families and use of phylogeny as a framework for the study of the evolution of modern-day ecology, behavior, and distribution. Among my recent projects are evolutionary investigations of nest-construction in swallows, vocalizations and morphology in herons, and seed-caching and brain-size in chickadees. My work in S.E. Asia is concentrated mainly in Borneo, where I am conducting a variety of studies with students and collaborators.

Area of Interest

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2012. Sheldon, F.H., C.H. Oliveros, S.S. Taylor, B. McKay, H.C. Lim, M.A. Rahman, H. Mays, and R.G. Moyle. Molecular phylogeny and insular biogeography of the lowland tailorbirds of Southeast Asia (Cisticolidae: Orthotomus). Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 65:54-63.