CURE Lab Poster Session Information

LSU CURE Poster Session – Fall 2019

The LSU CURE Poster Session is an opportunity for undergraduate students enrolled in introductory biology laboratory courses to showcase their semester-long research projects. Student projects will cover the following research questions:

  •  growth of diatoms native to Japan and means of their economic exploitation with the aim of large scale production in Louisiana (Dr. Naohiro Kato, Ruth Ndathe)
     investigating the prevalence of viruses and their potential impacts on biogeochemical cycles in the world’s largest permanent oxygen minimum zone (Dr. Jenn Brum, Sophie Jurgensen)
  •  the capacity of the copepod, Tigriopus californicus, to adapt to future climate change (Dr. Morgan Kelly, Joanna Griffiths)
     the effect of sodium on plant performance (Dr. Kyle Harms, Luis Santiago)
  • use of mathematical models to analyze factors involved in enzymatic reactions (Dr. Naohiro Kato, Renee Dale)

Date and Time:

December 6, 2019

2:30-4:30 P.M.

Royal Cotillion Ballroom, 250 LSU Student Union

Everyone is invited—please help us celebrate the accomplishments of these students.


LSU CURE (Course-based Undergraduate Research Experience) is a unique program that allows the integration of authentic research projects into introductory biology laboratory courses.  In an effort to better understand science and gain confidence in their abilities to do scientific research, students in CURE freshman biology labs focus on research that is part of ongoing in-house projects. Courses are communication-intensive with a strong focus on science literacy. With over 300 students enrolled in CURE labs this semester, introductory biology has been able to offer these experiences on a large scale. To learn more about LSU CURE or to inquire about developing a CURE course, please contact Mindy Brooks at