Who Is Eligible for BIOS?

BIOS is open to any incoming LSU freshman who is taking Biology 1201 in the fall of 2017. The majority of BIOS participants are biology majors or students who are in pre-professional healthcare programs, but we will accept any student whose intended major requires them to take BIOL 1201. The program is only offered to freshman because it is geared toward making the transition to college.

If a student has an ACT score below 23, the university requires them to take Chemistry 1201 prior to enrolling in BIOL 1201. We do allow these students to participate in BIOS, even though they won’t be taking BIOL 1201 until the spring.

Students pursuing majors within the College of Agriculture or College of the Coast & Environment who will be taking BIOL 1201 in the fall are welcomed and encouraged to register for BIOS. There will be special programs for these students during BIOS that are led by faculty from those respective colleges.