The Vision

The consultants have proposed a long term vision for the College of Science that will align infrastructure and space utilization to the strategic mission and goals and accommodate projected growth. The 10-year plan would result in the creation of a College of Science cluster by relocating isolated space to the existing core around Nicholson, Howe-Russell-Kniffen, Life Sciences & Annex, Williams, Choppin, and Chemistry & Materials and constructing a new Interdisciplinary Science Building along Tower Drive between South Campus Drive and South Stadium Road.

Specific objectives include:

  • To consolidate and relocate isolated facilities to facilitate increased collaborations and administrative and operational efficiencies
  • To build flexible research spaces with a modular approach to space planning that syncs team size, funding, and productivity to space allocations for lab and scientific support
  • To create clustered and consolidated support and core facilities to increase utilization and operational efficiencies (including analytical, computational, and visualization support)
  • To provide flexible, active-learning environments capable of delivering multiple modes of learning including informal discussion areas, innovation/project labs, multi-modal class laboratories, and active-learning classrooms

research lab

Modular, flexible research lab  

collab space

Science on display and collaboration areas