The First Steps

The consulting team of Holly & Smith Architects and CannonDesign recommend the following initial phases of implementation:

Phase 1: Renovate Williams Hall 2nd floor and relocate Chemistry class labs from Choppin Hall 1st floor.

Phase 2: Renovate Choppin Hall 1st and 7th floors to provide additional research space and common areas.

Phase 3: Renovate Howe-Russell-Knien (proposed in 2 phases).

Future phases would involve the renovation of vacated space in Foster Hall for the Museum of Natural Science to allow for the consolidation of collections.


space summary, details below


The LSU College of Science's space summary includes 650,000 Net Square Feet, NSF, and excludes mechanical, circulations and support space. The space functions being assessed are classroom, class lab, laboratory, specialty, shop, office, project/ study, conference, exhibition, and other.

It is recommended that the college allocate 22% of space to learning, which includes classroom and class laboratory space; 42% of space to research, which includes laboratories, specialties, and shops; 22% of space to offices; 8% of space to informal/ collaboration, which includes project/ study and conferences areas; and 6% to other spaces, which include exhibitions.

Under the 22% of space allocated for learning, classroom space will be 37,050 NSF and will include 1,005 seats, a 231% increase from the current space allocations. Class laboratories will receive 103, 950 NSF and 1,660 seats, a 58% increase to the current class lab space. 

Under the 42% of space allocated for research, laboratories will receive 233, 900 NSF, specialty spaces will receive 29, 700 NSF and shop spaces will receive 10,000 NSF. All together, this is an 11% increase of research space from what the college currently has. 

The 22% of space allocated to offices is a 5% decrease to the current office space. 

Under the 8% of space allocated to Informal/ collaboration, 30, 750 NSF will go to project/study areas and 22, 350 NSF will go to conference spaces. This is a 225% increase in space that is currently allocated to project/ collaborations and conferences areas. 

Under the 6% for other spaces,, 7,750 NSF will go to exhibitions and 30,000 NSF will go to other spaces. This is a 29% increase in space that is currently allocated to others spaces.