The Current Situation

aerial view of campus

Aerial view of LSU campus buildings

 The five academic departments and the Museum of Natural Science that comprise the College of Science are currently distributed across 17 buildings on the LSU campus. Primary buildings are Nicholson, Choppin, Life Sciences & Life Sciences Annex, Howe-Russell-Kniffen Complex, Chemistry & Materials Building, Williams, Foster, and Lockett. So-called “isolated” College of Science spaces exist in Hatcher, Pleasant, Woodin Hall, Gym Auditorium, Coates, Prescott, Atkinson, and Nuclear Science. This fragmentation across campus and within buildings creates challenges for team collaborations and operational/administrative efficiencies. Additionally, the consultants found a predominance of research spaces to be traditional, individual laboratories (many constructed 35-40 years ago) that fail to provide the desired flexibility to adapt to the changing needs of modern science facilities and team-based science. 

Most of the existing facilities within the College of Science have remained unchanged since their original construction, with the exception of minor renovations. As such, the bulk of the college’s space is currently outdated and the building systems are not capable of supporting modern scientific exploration and discovery. Buildings with critical and immediate needs are Howe-Russell-Kniffen, Choppin Hall, Foster Hall and Lockett Hall. Within these buildings, aging infrastructure, inadequate accessibility, and outdated teaching and research laboratories limit the college and its faculty and students from achieving their fullest potential. Additionally, a number of spaces are not ADA accessible.