University Hearing Panel

The Dean of Students, SAA Official (Hearing Officer), or Charged Student may request that the case be heard by a University Hearing Panel.

Often, the charged student does not accept the accountability outcome issued by the SAA Official, so the case is reheard by the UHP. The Charged Student will be notified in writing of the time, date, and place of the UHP. If the Student fails to appear, he or she will be deemed to have forfeited his or her right to respond before a UHP.  The UHP may proceed in absentia. The SAA Official who participated in an investigation or an Accountability Meeting may participate in the hearing as a Material Observer. An Outcome by the UHP finding the Student Responsible for a violation of this Code shall be based solely on the information presented at the hearing.  A majority vote of the Panel members present is required to find a Student Responsible and/or Not Responsible for violation(s) of the Code. The Dean of Students may establish additional procedures for the UHP.  For additional details on the UHP procedures and composition, please see section 9.0 of the LSU Code of Student Conduct.

Below, you will find a guide for Charged Students to use in preparing for the University Hearing Panel.  Students are also encouraged to ask questions about the process to SAA staff after reading the guide.  Questions can be sent via e-mail to the SAA Official or to