Latest Update 11/18/2020; 12:11 p.m.

LSU is prohibiting all international travel.

We are following CDC guidelines which state ‘Most travelers can go back to work but should take precautions. Some travelers may have higher risk of exposure and should stay home for 14 days. See CDC’s After Travel webpage to learn what precautions you should take.

International study abroad experiences are cancelled until further notice. Please refer to the LSU Academic Programs Abroad website for more information.

Governor’s orders continue to restrict domestic travel for official state business. The approval process is as follows:

  1. For business related travel that is within the state of Louisiana, travelers can continue to use the normal procedure of approvals through the spend authorization process. In state travel does not require campus level approval.
  2. For business related travel that is within the US , the Temp1 Form available on the COVID website must be completed and approved prior to travel. Domestic travel beyond the state of Louisiana requires campus level approval. The following conditions apply:
    1. Travel must be reapproved two weeks prior to departure
    2. Air fare purchased must be fully refundable
    3. Lodging cannot be paid in advance, and the first night deposit must be refundable
    4. Conference registration must be refundable

For further information regarding domestic travel, please refer to PM-13.