Watershed Science (WSCM) 

MS Renewable Natural Resources

Masters students pursuing an RNR degree with the area of concentration in Watershed Science should develop a program of study listing the courses to be taken for the degree in consultation with the major advisor. The minimum requirement for the degree is 30 semester hours of graduate credit that includes 6 semester hours of thesis research (RNR 8000) and 24 hours of coursework, 12 hours of which must be at or above the 7000 level.

The following courses must be completed:

Course Credit Hours Course Title
RNR 7001 3 Research Methodology
RNR 7073* 1 Seminar: Current Issues in Hydrology and Water Resources (2 semesters)
RNR 7004 or
RNR 7005
4 Statistical Techniques 1
* This course is pending


The program of study form must be approved by all members of the graduate advisory committee and must be submitted to the Graduate Coordinator of the School of Renewable Natural Resources.

While developing the list of coursework, students should discuss their research plans with the advisory committee.


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