Life Science's Water Loss 5-14-2020

LSU Risk Management is available to assist you in the recovery process from damages sustained due to the fire and water loss that occurred on May 14th.  We want to make your recovery as simple and efficient as possible, however it will take time to return to normal operations. In order to evaluate damaged equipment/contents and to support your property claim, we will need the following information as soon as possible to start the claim process:

  • Completed Damaged Property Spreadsheet(s)
    • PDF or Excel Version
    • Photo of Each Damaged Item(s)
    • Completed Damaged Property Spreadsheet(s) may be submitted via the form below, or emailed to
  • Do not attempt to operate any equipment that you suspect has been damaged by water until the item is inspected by the manufacture or a repair company.
  • Do not dispose of any damaged equipment, reusable items, furniture or movable property as they may be required for inspection by the insurance adjuster.
  • Consumables or supply items that cannot be dried or cleaned may be discarded after photos are taken and inventoried on the damaged property spreadsheet.
  • You may request a damage inspection/assessment of your equipment by the manufacture or a repair company (all reasonable cost will be reimbursed). You may proceed immediately with mission critical repairs or replacements, but reimbursement of cost may be adjusted based on a third-party inspection or review of loss documentation.
  • After all information has been submitted to the Office of Risk Management and insurance carrier, it will be evaluated to determine the amount that will be reimbursed towards damage.
  • Please be advised that damaged items should be repaired unless the cost to replace the item is less at which point it may be replaced with an item of like, kind and quality. Any upgrades will be the responsibility of the department.

You may review the full property claims guidelines for further information. Our office will also be providing updates to this page on next steps.

We will be working with your business managers to coordinate repair and replacement of your items, but please feel free to contact Shana Thomas or 225-276-9111.