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Apply for Housing


Log in to myLSU and complete the On-Campus Housing application under the “Student Services” menu. 


myLSU>Student Services>On-Campus Housing

Beginning with the freshman class of 2018, all LSU first-year students are expected to live on campus. We now have space enough to meet demand, so every student can benefit from the proven benefits of on-campus housing. Students who live on campus consistently have higher GPAs, have a higher percentage of students that return to LSU for their second year (retention rate), have higher graduation rates, and have more opportunities to become part of the LSU community. Exemptions to the first-year housing expectation are available.

The online application requires $250 advance rent, $50 non-refundable application fee, and a $10 non-refundable  processing fee to complete the housing application. If you register for housing, get a room assignment, and move into your room assignment, the $250 advance rent is applied toward your rent on your fee bill.

If you register for housing and later decide to cancel your housing application, the following staggered refund and fee policy will apply:

  • Cancel your housing application on or before May 1 – $250 Refunded
  • Cancel your housing application May 2-31– $125 Refunded
  • Cancel your housing application in June – $0 Refunded
  • Cancel your housing application in July – $0 Refund & $175 Cancellation Fee
  • Cancellations received August 1 or later, including “No Shows,” are subject to rent penalties and fees as outlined in the housing contract.
  • View the housing contract, and cancellation refund & fee schedule for details.
  • Use this form to cancel your housing.

    *This refund schedule is only for new students and not continuing students participating in the renewal process.

Helpful Tips:

  • Register for housing as soon as you’re committed to LSU. Building and room assignments are based on the date of housing application (not the university application or enrollment deposit), so the earlier you register for housing, the better.
  • First-year students do not need to register for housing in order to apply for a first-year housing expectation exemption. However, if a student receives an exemption after registering for housing, the student will be refunded the $250 advance rent amount but will forfeit the $50 application and $10 processing fees.
  • An application fee deferment is available for students demonstrating financial need.
  • Change of plans? Make sure to officially cancel your housing application with Residential Life, not just LSU Admissions.


Live Easy. Live On Campus Next Year 

All current undergraduate students (including current freshmen), and graduate, law, and vet med students living on or off campus can select from available spaces in Nicholson Gateway Apartments, East Campus Apartments, West Campus Apartments, and select residence halls.

Log in to the housing portal (myLSU > Student Services > On-Campus Housing) and select the appropriate application term to get started.

  • Current on-campus residents should select the 2018-19 Continuing Student Term.
    • Current on-campus residents will complete the application, select an apartment, and then pay $250 advance rent to secure that apartment space.

  • If you are new to living on campus or returning to campus after living off campus, including graduate, law and vet med students, you will complete the housing application via myLSU as a new student.
    • Select the Undergrad Housing Fall 2018 application term in myLSU
    • If you get an error message, please email us so we can reset your account. 
    • You will complete the application, pay $250 advance rent and $50 application fee, and then will gain access to search for, select, and secure an apartment space.

 Lease Now

Family & Graduate Housing options in Edward Gay Apartments are available to full-time LSU students 21 years or older, graduate students, married students, or single parents. Preference is given to families. 


Continuing Residents:

If you currently live in Edward Gay Apartments and want to renew your housing contract for 2018-19, you must complete the online contract renewal process April 16-29, 2018. All applications must be completed online via myLSU.

New Residents:

To apply to live in Edward Gay, you must complete the online application and submit  $100 non-refundable advance rent payment, a $50 non-refundable application fee, and $10 non-refundable processing fee. The $100 advance rent will be applied toward your fall rent. If you complete the application and cancel your apartment contract, the advance rent and fees are non-refundable. All applications must be completed online.

New residents may apply for housing beginning as early as April.

Details coming soon!