First-Year Housing Expectation Exemptions

First-year Housing Expectation

Beginning with the freshman class of 2018, all LSU first-year, full-time students are expected to live on campus.

LSU is committed to providing students with meaningful living-learning experiences as a means of supporting the quality of undergraduate programs and the first-year experience. We now have space enough to meet demand, and now every first-year student can benefit from the proven benefits of guaranteed on-campus housing. Living on campus not only provides incredible academic benefits (increased GPA, retention and graduation rates), but it also offers an immediate opportunity for Tigers to make new friends and build a community, which eases the transition between high school and college.  

More details are available below and in the Frequently Asked Questions



A full-time, first-year student at LSU is defined as a student who has graduated from high school and has not attempted any college coursework. Dual enrollment courses do not qualify as college coursework.



Students sign an academic-year contract. First-year students who begin classes in the summer or fall term must reside on campus for the fall and spring semesters. First-year students who begin classes in the spring are required to reside on campus for the spring semester only.


Register for Housing or Request an Exemption

First-year students do not need to register for housing in order to request an exemption. However, if a student receives an exemption after registering for housing, the student will be refunded the $250 advance rent amount but will forfeit the $50 application and $10 processing fees. Housing room assignments will continue to be made by the date the housing application is completed.

Once students are accepted into LSU, they should register for on-campus housing or request an exemption to the housing expectation at myLSU>Student Services>On-campus Housing.

  • To Register for Housing


  • To Request an Exemption 

    • Once students are accepted into LSU, they should register for on-campus housing or request an exemption to the housing expectation at myLSU>Student Services>On-campus Housing.
    • On the application screen, select Fall 2018-19 Housing Exemption 
      • If your ZIP code is within a 50-mile in-state radius of campus, your ZIP code autopopulates in the application. Submit the request and you will receive confirmation of the exemption via email. *Note the criteria below for residing within 50 miles.

      • If your ZIP code is not within a 50-mile radius of campus but you would like to request an exemption for a reason listed below, complete the request and attach supporting documentation. Please allow up to 10 business days for staff to review your request for an exemption.

    • You can see the status of your request on the Application Status page in the housing portal as well as in an email you will receive. 


Exemption Criteria 

In accordance with the housing expectation, all first-year, full-time students are expected to live in campus housing operated by the LSU Department of Residential Life for the entirety of their first year unless they meet one of the following criteria to be considered for an exemption:

  • Age 21 years or older as of the first day of fall classes
    • Documentation to provide: None. Date of birth will be verified within LSU system. 

  • Married as of the first day of fall classes
    • Documentation to provide: Marriage certificate

  • Custody of one or more dependent children
    • Documentation to provide: Latest tax return (redacted) to show children claimed as dependent OR a birth certificate of dependent(s)
  • Part-time enrollment
    • Documentation to provide: None. Res Life Staff will verify on the fourteenth day of class.

  • Military Service
    • Documentation to provide: DD Form 214, Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty and/or Leave and Earnings Statement

  • Reside with parent or legal guardian within a 50-mile in-state radius of campus
    • Documentation to provide: None. Your ZIP code autopopulates into the housing exemption request.

  • Reside in a property within a 50-mile in-state radius of campus that is owned by, but not occupied as a primary residence, an immediate family member (parent, legal guardian, or grandparent) with a bill of sale prior to October 1, 2017
    • Documentation to provide: Bill of sale
  • Other compelling individual circumstances such as financial hardship, medical needs, or other circumstances not covered by the above criteria. These requests will be reviewed by committee.


Failure to Comply

Students who fail to comply with the housing expectation and/or who provide false or misleading information in connection with a request for exemption could be subject to the posting of the lowest published room rental charges for the term of enrollment to the student’s account for each semester in which the student does not comply, and/or subject to the student accountability process, which could include referral to the Dean of Students office.