Procedures for Research Related Crowdfunding at LSU

The use of third-party crowdfunding platforms to raise money to support LSU research projects is becoming increasingly widespread. In response to this trend, LSU has developed the procedures below to guide projects seeking to use research funds raised through crowdfunding mechanisms.

The following procedures apply to all faculty, students and staff using a crowdfunding platform to generate funds to support research projects that use LSU facilities, equipment or resources:

  1. Use of the LSU insignia, logo, and other related promotional branding materials requires the permission of the LSU Division of Strategic Communications. (
  2. Projects using any LSU facilities, equipment or resources must receive unit-level (i.e. departmental and deans) approval prior to the beginning of the crowdfunding effort.  Please fill out the approval form, attach a project budget, and route through the department chair and dean to the Office of Research & Economic Development. Once approved, the form will be returned to the researcher (faculty/staff/student).
  3. LSU reserves the right to reject funds that utilize any LSU facilities, equipment or resources in the event that prior approval was not obtained.  All funds will be treated as a gift to LSU when they come to LSU directly. For funds that are accepted, the crowdfunding platform will be the entity that is receipted (i.e., not individual donors), and all stewardship commitments made by the fundraiser to the donor are the sole responsibility of the fundraiser.
  4. Researchers are required to comply with all applicable University policies and procedures, including those related to research compliance such as IRB and IACUC, conflicts of interest, intellectual property rights, and all other relevant compliance requirements.
  5. Projects not using any LSU resources whatsoever do not require institutional approval, and such funds will not be accepted by LSU. Tax and legal implications are the responsibility of the individual where funds do not come directly to LSU as a gift, and it is the sole responsibility of the individual to determine such implications.


Please download the following forms for the approval of crowdfunded research.

Crowdfunding Form

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