Equipment Repair & Acquisition 

The Office of Research & Economic Development provides support funds for the repair of research-oriented equipment, as well as matching funds for faculty initiatives to purchase capital equipment to facilitate research and scholarship.

Equipment Repair Fund

The repair and maintenance of research related equipment is paramount to an efficient and active research community. The Office of Research & Economic Development, in collaboration with the Council on Research, provides funds to repair equipment used for the purposes of research, scholarship and creativity.  This program will provide matching funds from colleges and departments for equipment with an acquisition cost of over $5,000.  The minimum request is $1,000. The matching amounts should be at least 1 to 1 to receive our highest priority.

Please note: This program cannot be used for repairs to computers or laptops. Service contract requests will not be accepted. Requests will be accepted until the funding has been exhausted.


  1. This program is open to all faculty from departments that participate in the LSU A&M F&A program. Each faculty member may only receive funding twice per fiscal year.
  2. All requests must be submitted using the online form on this site.
  3. All sections of the request form must be completed. Leaving a space blank will cause a delay in the decision process. Providing more information is always preferable to providing less information and tends to expedite the committee’s work.
  4. Each request should include the following information: description of equipment, description of the repair needed, description of current and future usage of the equipment, a listing of the faculty using the equipment, a listing of the funded projects associated with the equipment, potential external funding opportunities related to the equipment, age of the equipment, cost of the equipment and a listing of the research and student personnel that will be impacted by the repair. NOTE: Failure to thoroughly address these issues will result in a significant delay in processing of the application.
  5. The justification of the repair should include a listing of potential benefits that can include potential funding opportunities or creative scholarship benefits.
  6. Each request should include a repair cost estimate, attached as a PDF file to the Equipment Repair Fund application.
  7. Each request must include a match amount pledge from the appropriate department chair(s) or dean(s). Match amounts are partly considered an indication of how much of a priority the repair is, and 1 to 1 matches are given priority.
  8. If the machinery is attached to a University cost center, please indicate such and include a statement on the amount of funds generated and justify the use of the ERF.
  9. NOTE: All funds must be expended within 6 months of being awarded
  10. Funds must be used to repair approved equipment only.
  11. The acquisition cost of the equipment needing repair must be at least $5,000.


  1. Requests will be reviewed 2-3 times per year. Applicants will be notified as soon as possible after the decisions are made and will be notified by email.
  2. Decisions will be made using the following priority scale in relation to the match from the department chair(s) or dean(s): 50% or higher match=high priority; 25-49% match=medium priority; 0-24% match=low priority.
  3. All requests will be reviewed by a subcommittee of the Council on Research and recommendations will be made to the Vice President for Research & Economic Development.

Equipment Repair and Maintenance Fund for Federally Funded Projects

Current LSU policy is that the cost of repair and maintenance for equipment is not allowed as a direct charge to federally-funded projects, except when the equipment was acquired by that project and is dedicated to it.

To assist researchers in ensuring the continued functionality of research equipment, the Office of Research and Economic Development supports the Equipment Repair and Maintenance Fund for Federally Funded Projects. This program is distinct from ORED’s existing Equipment Repair Program, and has different guidelines. Researchers seeking support for equipment repairs should familiarize themselves with both programs and make a determination as to which program best suits their needs.


  • The equipment’s use is dedicated exclusively to federally-funded projects
  • The acquisition cost of the equipment needing repair is at least $5,000. It is not required that the equipment was purchased originally on these sponsored projects.
  • Faculty applicants must have contributed to the LSU F&A pool.
  • Annual service contracts will only be considered for funding under exceptional circumstances.


The PI completes the accompanying form (‘Request for Prior Approval of Repair and Maintenance Costs for Equipment’) and lists on the form the federal project(s) currently benefited by the equipment. The benefit to the project(s) must be explained, but proportional benefit among federally-funded projects does not have to be quantified. After the PI completes and certifies the form, it must then be approved by the Department Chair and Dean. Upon review and approval by the Associate Vice Chancellor and Vice Chancellor of ORED, funds will be transferred to a specific departmental account, to which the approved repair and maintenance costs for that equipment can then be charged. Because this option requires that the equipment is exclusively benefiting only federally-funded project(s), there is no requirement for maintaining a log book (or other accounting procedures to meet audit requirements) in order to justify proportional benefit among federally-funded projects. NOTE: Repairs must be made within 6 months of being awarded.

Please direct questions about this program to Stephen David Beck at

Capital Equipment Match Fund

LSU annually spends $1,000,000 in support of faculty initiatives to purchase capital equipment to facilitate research and scholarship. The Office of Research & Economic Development (ORED) will commit matching equipment funds in all cases where such a commitment is mandated as an eligibility requirement in the Request for Proposals (RFP) from the program. Federal and private foundation equipment purchases will be matched subject to the conditions above; State equipment programs will not be matched. The equipment purchased with a campus match must: be accessible to campus researchers, receive an LSU property number, and reside on the LSU campus during and after the award period. Individual research grants (e.g. an RO1 from NIH or a single investigator grant from NSF) are not eligible for an equipment match. ORED usually expects to provide the full match for capital equipment purchases, but will not match renovation, personnel, supplies, software, or maintenance contract costs, if such are included in the proposal budget. Some “open-ended” RFPs may not be matched in their entirety from the match fund (e.g. “Federal agency provides the first $xxx and the campus provides the remainder” for equipment purchases of unrestrained expense). The match for partially funded proposals will be pro-rated according to the formula in the RFP.


Requests for capital equipment matches should be made directly to the Office for Research & Economic Development at . Please also provide a copy of the RFP with the institutional cost-sharing section highlighted, or the URL with a page number or other cost-share bookmark.

How to apply

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