Frequently Asked Questions

We've tried to compile the most common questions asked of us regarding research, grants, and internal awards.  We'll continue to add to this list as needed.

Grant proposals are routed through the Office of Sponsored Programs, who handles budget reviews, approval routing and electronic submissions for external grants and contracts. If your college has a grants coordinator, contact them as soon as you have an idea for a proposal or project. In any case, you should contact OSP to get more detail on the grants process, as well as to identify your grant specialist.

Facilities & Administrative Costs (or Indirect Costs) are what the university charges grant agencies to cover the hidden expenses of doing research. This includes the administrative costs of processing your grant application, financial management of the grant account, and administrative and research infrastructure provided by the university (e.g., computer networks, library, etc.). We have a negotiated rate of 48% charged against all eligible items in federal grants and contracts. As expenditures are made against the account, F&A costs are recovered and placed in a university account. A portion of these funds is then refunded to home colleges to cover their expenses.

Each college has their own policy on how recovered F&A is distributed to departments and faculty. Please check with your college to find out their rules and processes.

OSP Information on Financial & Administrative Cost Agreements

Permanent Memorandum 11 - Outside Employment describes how university employees disclose outside employment to the university. The purpose of the disclosure is to make the university aware of any potential conflicts of interest that may violate state ethics laws or accepted practice in the resposible conduct of research. PM-11s forms should be submitted upon any occasion in which a faculty or staff member is contracted to provide a service or product for which they receive payment.

Here are a few options for you to consider:

  • SPIN is a searchable database that provides access to over 10,000 research programs and opportunities. LSU has a subscription to this service.
  • Grants.gov provides a searchable database and RSS feed to all federal agency grant programs and opportunities.
  • Science Magazine provides a list of searchable databases and grant writing resources.