President’s Future Leaders in Research (PFLR)

For over twenty years, the President’s Future Leaders in Research (PFLR) program has been offering a unique opportunity for undergraduate students to engage in authentic research alongside of a faculty mentor. This program allows students to take part in discovery in any of the 75 programs of study that are offered at LSU.  The goal of this program is for students to achieve excellence in research by beginning to learn necessary research skills within their discipline early in their college career.  From co-authoring an article and writing software, to conducting experiments and presenting findings, the PFLR experience will provide a firm foundation on which to build future success. 

PFLR gives participants the opportunity to work one-on-one with an accomplished faculty mentor, or be embedded in the faculty mentor's research team, within their field of choice. Contrary to other student employment opportunities, PFLR students will play a key role in their designated research project, and could form lasting collaborations with their mentor and research team. 

The current award amount for PFLR participants is $1550 per year, or $775 per semester. Awards are received in the form of hourly wages.

Students can work up to 20 hours per week and are paid hourly on a biweekly basis.

No. The PFLR programs runs during fall and spring semesters only.

Students will be eligible for PFLR for 8 semesters, contingent upon meeting the requirements of the program.

PFLR students are expected to be assigned tasks that are directly related to the faculty member's research project. The tasks assigned to students should teach research skills important to the given discipline of the student. PFLR students should not be primarily engaged in administrative work, though may be required to perform some duties necessary to support the research project.   

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