Undergraduate Research Alumni

The following is a partial list of past undergraduate research participants, and where they are now, to give a sense of the impact of 12 week+ research project and deep international immersion.


2003, Evan Schwartz from Harvard University worked in the group of Dr. Pierre Audebert at Ecole Normale Superieure de Cachan researching the Diffusion of Lipophilic Compounds into Silica Nanospheres. Evan is now a Principal at ArcLight Capital Partners in the Boston area.

garg   1999, Neil Garg of NYU did inorganic materials chemistry with Dr Wais Housseini in Strasbourg.  Neil is now a full professor of Chemistry at UCLA and Vice Chair for Education. Here is a partial list of his awards - Elias J. Corey Award for Outstanding Original Contribution in Organic Synthesis, 2017. •Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry, 2016 •Royal Society of Chemistry’s Merck Award, 2016 •Guggenheim Fellowship, 2016 •Thieme-IUPAC Prize, 2016 •California’s US Professor of the Year, Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, 2015 •Arthur C. Cope Scholar Award, 2015 •Camille Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar Award, 2013 •A. P. Sloan Research Fellowship, 2012 •AstraZeneca Excellence in Chemistry Award, 2011–2012  •Amgen Young Investigator Award, 2011–2012 •DuPont Young Professor Award, 2010–2013 •NSF CAREER Award, 2010–2015 •National Institutes of Health Pathway to Independence Award, 2006–2010  •National Institutes of Health Postdoctoral Fellowship, 2005–2006 •National Defense Science & Engineering Graduate Fellowship, 2001–2004 •Phi Beta Kappa, 2000 
bertrand    2005, Jacob Bertrand from the University of Redlands worked with Dr. Jacques Delaire at ENS in Cachan on Orientation of Second-Order Nonlinear Optical Polymers.  Jacob is now in President of Maxima Sciences LLC in the Cincinnati, Ohio area.
masiello     1998, David Masiello, a Mathematics Junior at Univ Florida, conducted research at the University of Bordeaux Physics Department. David and Professor Laurent Sarger aligned an optical experiment and did optical characterization.  David is now an Associate Professor of Chemistry and Adjunct Associate Professor of Applied Mathematics at the University of Washington and 2016 NSF Presidential Early Career Award winner.
sweet    2000, Miles Sweet from Wheaton College (MA) worked in the group of Professor Laurence Rozes at the Laboratoire de Chimie de la Matiè Condensé Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris France, doing research on The Design of Hybrid Organic-Inorganic Materials from Nanobuilding Blocks. Miles was named a Rhodes Scholar later in 2000 where the work in Paris figured in the citation.   Miles is currently anAssociate at Kellogg, Huber, Hansen, Todd, Evans & Figel in the Washington DC Area.
braide    2003, Otonye Braide from Lincoln University (PA) worked in the group of Bernadette Charleux at the University of Pierre and Marie Curie, Paris researching the Synthesis of Polyelectrolytes by Controlled Free Radical Polymerization and their Application in Emulsion . Otonye is now an Assistant Professor of Chemistry at Gordon College in Florida.
 mohamad    2002, Rayane Mohamed from the University of Pierre et Marie Curie Paris worked in the group of Dr. Eric Enholm researching Molecular Imprinting. Rayane is now Analytics Manager Bioprocess Sciences at Merck Group in Genève, Switzerland.
logan    1998, Jennifer Logan, a chemistry major at Rollins College, Florida, was at the CNRS laboratory in Polymer Chemistry within the Ecole Nationale Superieure de Chimie et de Physique of Bordeaux associated with the Universite of Bordeaux. Jennifer worked with Professor D. Taton and Dr. Y. Gnanou (CNRS) synthesizing and characterizing star-block copolymers.  Jennifer Logan Bayline is now an Associate Professor of Chemistry at Washington and Jefferson College in Pennsylvania.

2003, Guillaume Louche from the University of Pierre and Marie Curie (Paris) worked in the group of Dr. Randy Duran researching the Behavior of Langmuir-Blodgett films of n-octadecyltriethoxysilane (OTES) at the air/water interface. He is now a Testing Services General Field Engineer at Schlumberger US in Houma, Louisiana.



2000, Sylvie Munier from Universite de Montpellier, College de Pharmacie, France, worked in the group of Dr. Charles Martin on Protein Attachment to the gold nanotubules  sylvie is now Sylvie Munier Maître de conférences associate professor at the  Université de Montpellier


2003, Nicolas Pulhic from the University of Pierre and Marie Curie (Paris) worked in the group of Dr. Mike Scott on his research. Nicolas is now External Manufacturing Manager at Bristol-Myers Squibb near Lausanne Switzerland


1998, Suk-Yin Chan, a Chemistry Junior at Smith College, worked in the group of Professors C. Roux and J. Livage at the University Pierre and Marie Curie, Paris. Suk-Yin worked towards immobilizing enzymes in thin film sol-gel matricies.   Suk-Yin Chan Pasquet is now Legal Project Manager at Ropes & Gray LLP in the New York area.

griffeths   2002, Kirsten Griffeths  from Clarkson University (NY) worked in the group of Dr. Jean Pierre Sauvage in Strasbourg ressauvageearching the Synthesis of an Iridium (III) Bis-terpyridine Dyad. Professor JP Sauvage was awarded the 2017 Nobel Prize in Chemistry while  Kirsten (Griffiths) Braun is now Counsel, IP Litigation at AstraZeneca in the Washington D.C. Metro Area

2007, Callie Croushore from Westminster College worked with Dr. Xie at ENS in Cachan on Rubrene Crystallization in 3D Focusing Microfluidic Devices.  Callie (croushore) Kindt is now a visiting professor of chemistry at Thomas Moore College in Concinnati.


2001, Daniel Serra from the University of Toulouse worked in the group of Dr. Lisa McElwee-White at Florida.   Daniel is now Project Manager R&D Workstations at Chemspeed Technologies AG in the Basel Switzerland area.


2013, Edgar Campbell from Cal State Stanislous (Cal State LSAMP) did research with Ramesh Pillai at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory in Grenoble on PIWI RNA.  Edgar is now a graduate student at Stanford university.


2014, Ashley Walker of Oklahoma State University (OK LSAMP) and the Citizen Potawatomy Nation did research with Guy Royal in Grenoble on coordination complexes.   Ashley is now a graduate student in chemistry at Kansas State University.


2015, Lydia Mensah of Xavier University of Louisiana (LS-LAMP) worked in Grenoble with Michael Holzinger in Biosystemes-Electrochimique et Alalytiques du Departement de Chimie Moleculaire on glucose based fuel cell systems.  Lydia is currently a graduate student at the University of Michigan.

keyes   2016, Anthony Keyes of Jackson State University (MS LSAMP) worked with Olivier Sandre of the University of Bordeaux on functionalized magnetic nanoparticles.   Anthony is finishing at MSU and preparing to return to Bordeaux/London thanks to an REU faculty collaboration award.
robinette   2008, Steven Robinette of the University of Florida. Funded by HHMI and Goldwater went to Dr. Jeremy Hershfeld at Imperial College in London.   Mr Robinette published six papers as an undergrad, won Goldwater and Marshall and GRFP and NIH-Oxford awards.   He is now an associate at Atlas Venture in Boston.
Strutt   2007, Nathan Strutt of the University of Florida worked with Mike Scott on inorganic complexes and also laboratory of Jean-Pierre Sauvage in Strasbourg working on synthesizing porphyrins which were used in mechanically interlocked molecules. Nathan received a Beckman Scholar award; Professor JP Sauvage was awarded the 2017 Nobel Prize in Chemistry.   Nathan did another research experience in KAIST Daejeon Korea, doctoral studies at Northwestern, and is now a PTD Module and Device Yield Engineer at the Intel Corporation.
Yeung   2003, Laurence Yeung from Oberlin College worked in the group of Dr. Florence Babonneau and Clement Sanchez at the University of Pierre and Marie Curie ( Paris) researching MCM-41 as a Drug Delivery System: A Characterization of the Drug-Surface Interaction by NMR Spectroscopy. Laurence went on to a PhD at CalTech, a Mirzayan Science & Technology Policy Fellow at the National Academy of Sciences, and is now an Assistant Professor at Rice University.
Debaillie   1999, Amy Debaillie of Monmouth College. IL did magnetic materials chemistry with Dr. Olivier Kahn at the CNRS Institute for Solid State Chemistry in Bordeaux. Amy is now a Senior Research Scientist with Eli Lilly & Company in the Indianapolis area.
Allais   1999, Florent Allais from Bordeaux worked with Dr. Eric. Enholm doing synthesis involving free radical chemistry at the University of Florida. Florent is now a full Professor in a Chair of Excellence in Industrial Agro-Biotechnologies at AgroParisTech in the Paris area.


The international REU programs funding the participants above have been supported by NSF almost continuously since the 1990s.   In addition to Dr. Duran, who has always been a PI or co PI at Florida and at LSU, a Mike Scott, Dan Talham, Adrian Roitberg, Valeria Kleiman, David Spivak, Jim Brown, and Gloria Thomas were US co-PIs.   Yves Gnanou is now a vice president at KAUST. Co-funding was graciously provided by the French Ministry of Science, FAPESP, CNRS, the US Department of State, HHMI, and a long list of university and institute partners.