Outside Requests

Memo From the VP of Research & Economic Development Regarding Outside Requests

Despite COVID-19’s impacts to our daily lives as well as our research and teaching mission, LSU is at its best responding to a challenge.

Outside requests for help are now coming in rapidly to all of campus. To centralize our response, all inquiries about LSU and our response to the COVID-19 challenge, whether it be from a business or healthcare partner or about areas like 3D-printing or the fabrication of personal protective equipment, should be routed to COVID19Resources@lsu.edu, which will be monitored by ORED. Our response team of project managers and R&D specialists described below is working with the LSU Emergency Operations Center, or EOC, to prioritize and respond to these requests. Typical requests include donation of protective gear and fabrication of a range of materials used in the COVID-19 response.

Our faculty and researchers are finding ways to innovate and lead.

In just the past couple of weeks:

  1. LSU Vet Med was able to secure federal and state authorization to become a COVID-19 testing lab for the region and state, and they are now fully supporting the testing effort. Vet Med is also working on coronavirus vaccine candidates.
  2. Personnel from across campus are actively 3D-printing and fabricating personal protective equipment (PPE), such as gowns, masks, and protective shields that are being used by physicians treating coronavirus patients.
  3. Personnel across campus have donated supplies, resources, and time directly to hospitals and physicians.
  4. Researchers are coming together in teams to collaborate on new technologies in sanitization and fabrication on crucial assets like ventilators and respirators.

To advance these efforts, help manage the considerable interest across and outside of campus, and discover new opportunities, we have formed a COVID-19 Resource Team. This past Friday, President Galligan, Provost Haynie, and I requested our Office of Industry Engagement (OIE) – led by Director of Economic Development Greg Trahan and Director of Industry Engagement Paige Carter – serve as LSU’s leads on COVID-19 activity, helping to provide project and liaison support, assemble capabilities, and field requests from external partners. They will operate as a support function to the Colleges and leadership and the Emergency Operations Center.

LSU’s mission is service, and we are prepared to lead in the fight against COVID-19 through our deep research expertise and commitment to our community and state. To do this most effectively, we need to harness all of LSU, and we’re asking for your help.

All inquiries about LSU and our response to the COVID-19 challenge, whether it be from a business or healthcare partner or about areas like 3D printing or PPE, should be routed to COVID19Resources@lsu.edu.


We want to know about your contributions and your ideas. To do this, we ask that you email COVID19Resources@lsu.edu, using the following keywords in the subject line:

  • CAPABILITY: If you have access to/expertise with 3D printers, laser cutters, or other fabrication equipment (including sourcing of printer filament and acrylic or other plastic sheeting), please send us details.
  • COMMUNITY: The LSU community is helping in all kinds of ways. If you or other LSU students or employees have gone above and beyond in their service to our community during this time, we want to hear about it.
  • IDEAS: Our community needs the breadth of LSU’s expertise now more than ever. Beyond the projects listed above, we want to capture your ideas about where LSU can contribute and lead in all areas of COVID-19, from science to people to industry. 

Please note that LSU’s EOC will continue to facilitate on-campus collection and distribution of supplies like gloves, wipes, gowns, and other materials in coordination with our academic departments. If you are faculty, staff, or a student who have questions about these items, please contact your department.

Thank you for your help and contributions. We are ready to fight.

Samuel J. Bentley, PhD, PG
Vice President
Office of Research & Economic Development

Greg Trahan
Director of Economic Development
Office of Research & Economic Development

Paige Carter
Director of Industry Engagement
LSU Foundation